Unveiling 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with O That Resonate

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Choosing a name for your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy is such an exciting journey, filled with love, hope, and anticipation. If you’re considering Asian names that start with ‘O’, look no further. Our handpicked list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with ‘O’ is here to inspire you and help find that perfect name for your little one.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with O

There are several influential individuals with Asian baby girl names starting with ‘O’ that might inspire your choice. For instance, Oshima Yuko, a Japanese actress and singer who shot to prominence as part of the idol group AKB48. Or Ouyang Nana, a Taiwanese actress, and cellist, recognized for her remarkable talent and versatility.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OkikoOkika, OkiChild of the open sea
OmikaOmeeka, OmekaKind-hearted child
OsumiOsumee, OssumiLarge beauty
OdoriOdoori, OdorriDancing child
OnshiOnshee, OnsshiAngelic child
OsakiOsakee, OssakiBlossoming hope
OmiyoOmeeyo, OmmiyoBeautiful Generations
OrinoOrinno, OrrinoField of affection
OrimeOrimmee, OremeWeaving woman
OtsuuOtsoo, OtzuSound of the sea
OdakaOdata, OdakkaRice paddy
OtawaOtava, OttawaHarmony
OyukiOhyuki, OyukkiSnowy
OneshaOneshia, OneshyaPriceless gift
OkiyoOkio, OkyioEternal joy
OrisaOreesa, OrrisaMy Goddess
OruiOrewi, OruwiWoven silk
OnaeOnaee, OnayGraceful
OmitsuOmitsue, OmitzuRich beauty
OichiOechee, OichySplendid
OkuniOkonnee, OkooniBig country
OrochiOrotchee, OrocchiBig serpent
OshimaOshema, OshimmaBig island
OtomeOtommee, OtomeeSound of the maiden
OyamaOyamma, OyamBig mountain
OrinOrrin, OrinnPrayer
OkaOkka, OkaaCherry blossom
OnnaOnnaa, OnnnaWoman
OtohaOtohha, OttohaSound of the leaf
OkaeOkaey, OkkaeSplendid fragrance
OinaOinna, OynnaVegetables
ObaraObarra, ObbaraField of plums
OsakaOsakka, OssakaBig hill
OunaOunna, OunaBig waves
OtakiOtakee, OttakiBig waterfall
OrisaOrrisa, OrisaaPlum
OteraOteraa, OterraBig temple
OugiOugii, OoggiBig fan
OnakaOnakka, OnakBig middle
OjimaOjimma, OjymaBig stripe
OrunaOrunna, OrrunaBig running
OyumiOyummee, OyummiiBig bow
OrenOrenn, OrrrenLotus
OkiOkii, OkieOcean centered
OndaOndaa, OnndaWave field
OkihaOkhiha, OkihhaOcean leaf
OsoraOsorra, OssoraBig sky
OrigamiOrigamie, OriggamiFolded paper
OgenkiOgenkie, OgenkiiBig health

Thank you for taking the time to explore our selection of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with ‘O’. Remember, each name carries with it a story, a significance, a piece of heritage. Let this list serve as an inspiration in your quest to find the perfect name that sings to you. Don’t forget to check out our other baby name idea lists, we’ve got plenty more to inspire you!

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