50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with N: Narrate Her Legacy

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Choosing the perfect name for your little one isn’t just a task—it’s a heartwarming journey. Our list of ’50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with N’ will guide you through a beautiful exploration of culture, identity, and meaning.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with N

Nancy Kwan, a trailblazing Chinese-American actress, famously starred in ‘The World of Suzie Wong’ and ‘Flower Drum Song’. Similarly, Naomi Osaka, a phenomenal Japanese-American tennis player, stands as a global icon in sports. These influential figures with Asian names starting with ‘N’ continue to inspire with their admirable achievements.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NamiNaomi, NamieWave
NanamiNaname, NanamoSeven seas
NariNeri, NarieLily
NatsuNatsuki, NatsukoSummer
NaoNaoko, NaoyukiHonest
NaraNarie, NarikoOak tree
NatsumiNacchan, NachiBeautiful summer
NagisaNagiBeach, shore
NarumiNaru, NakumiBeauty
NatsueNatsuki, NatsukoSummer blessing
NakoNakoko, NakomiChild of Nara
NatsumiNacchan, NachiSummer beauty
NatsukoNako, NatsueSummer child
NyokoNyokko, NyokiGem, treasure
NikoNikoko, NikonaDaylight
NaokaNaoki, NaokumiHonest child
NanakoNana, NanamiChild of Nara
NikitaNikki, NikoVictory
NayokoNayoshi, NayonaChild of Nayo
NomikoNomi, NominiChild of wave
NishikoNishi, NishimiChild of west
NorikoNori, NorikaChild of rule
NiroshaNiro, NirokaRay of light
NasimaNasi, NasmiBreeze, zephyr
NaimaNai, NaimiCalm, peaceful
NanamiNana, NamiSeven seas
NeejaNee, NejaLily
NeelaNeeli, NeelimaSapphire blue
NeetiNeeta, NeetikaMorality
NishaNishi, NishikaNight
NiyatiNiyata, NiyatikaDestiny, fate
NoorNoori, NoorikaLight
NutanNutana, NutaniNew
NaliniNalika, NalimiLotus
NainaNaini, NainikaEyes
NitaNitara, NitikaMorality
NandiniNanda, NanditaJoyful
NamrataNamra, NamratiModesty
NarmadaNarmadi, NarmadikaOne who stimulates
NanditaNandi, NandiniHappy, cheerful
NilimaNili, NilikaBlue
NrupaNrupi, NrupikaQueen
NikitaNiki, NikiniEarth
NeelaNeeli, NeelikaSapphire
NaroNaroi, NaroikaSoft
NishtaNishti, NishtikaDedication
NisithiniNisithi, NishithikaNight
NisheetaNishi, NisheekiDedicated
NishiNishi, NishiniWest

Thank you for joining us on this delightful journey through ’50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with N’. We hope you’ve found inspiration for your little one’s moniker that will resonate with her unique spirit. Feel free to explore more of our curated baby name lists, and keep the excitement going. After all, the perfect name is a first gift to your child that lasts a lifetime.

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