Discover the Meaning: 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with N

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Hello, beautiful mamas-to-be! We’re about to embark on an exciting adventure together, exploring 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with N. This list is your goldmine of meaningful, unique, and utterly adorable names for your little prince. Let’s begin!

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with N

Did you know some of your favorite celebrities have Asian names starting with N? Famous figures like Naoto Takenaka, a renowned Japanese actor, or the brilliant Nobuo Uematsu, the composer behind Final Fantasy’s captivating music, are examples of the richness these ‘N’ names carry. Choosing such names for your baby boy not only celebrates cultural heritage but also resonates with influence and success.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. NaokiNaokie, NaokeeHonest tree (Japanese)
2. NariNaree, NarryThunder (Korean)
3. NobuNobou, NobooTrust (Japanese)
4. NandaNandah, NandaaGreat achiever (Indian)
5. NihaalNihael, NihalHappy, content (Indian)
6. NiranNirann, NirahnEternal (Thai)
7. NishantNishanth, NishaantDawn, early morning (Indian)
8. NuoNuoh, NuoohGrace (Chinese)
9. NorbuNorboo, NorbouJewel (Tibetan)
10. NishanNishaan, NishannSymbol, Signature (Indian)
11. NateshNatash, NateeshKing of dance (Indian)
12. NijelNiigel, NijellChampion (Filipino)
13. NihitNihitt, NiheetSunrise (Indian)
14. NaramNarum, NarammSoft, Gentle (Indian)
15. NeoNeoh, NeeoNew (Korean)
16. NalinNaleen, NallinLotus (Indian)
17. NiketanNikeetan, NiketannHouse (Indian)
18. NijanNiijan, NijaanIntelligent, wise (Indian)
19. NempalNempaal, NempahlProtector (Sri Lankan)
20. NaveenNavein, NaveeinFresh, new (Indian)
21. NishithNishitth, NishitMidnight (Indian)
22. NghiaNgya, NghyiaRighteous (Vietnamese)
23. NarongNaroung, NharongBattlefield (Thai)
24. NorioNoriyo, NoriyoMan of principles (Japanese)
25. NgaiNgaie, NgayForever (Chinese)
26. NithinNithiin, NitthinEthical (Indian)
27. NandaNandah, NandaaJoy (Burmese)
28. NandiNandie, NandyHappy, joyful (Indian)
29. NuriNuree, NurieLight (Korean)
30. NishokNishokk, NishoakHappy (Indian)
31. NyeinNyeinn, NyienQuiet, calm (Burmese)
32. NintaiNintay, NintaiePatience (Japanese)
33. NyuntNhyunt, NuyntBrilliant (Burmese)
34. NipunNipunn, NippunExpert (Indian)
35. NyiNyie, NiySun (Burmese)
36. NaveedNaveid, NaveeidGood news (Persian)
37. NiranjanNiranjaan, NiranjannPure, flawless (Indian)
38. NishilNishill, NisheelNight (Indian)
39. NobuyukiNobuyukee, NobuyuckiTrust, happiness (Japanese)
40. NikhilNikhill, NikheilWhole, complete (Indian)
41. NrusinhNrusingh, NrusinhhLion among men (Indian)
42. NaozumiNaozumie, NaozumyHonest, beautiful (Japanese)
43. NankiNankie, NankyBeloved of Nanak (Indian)
44. NumairNumayr, NumayirPanther, leopard (Arabic)
45. NayakaNayakah, NayakaaHero, leader (Sanskrit)
46. NrupalNrupall, NrupaalKing’s face (Indian)
47. NavneetNavneett, NavneatFresh butter (Indian)
48. NareshNareshh, NaresheKing (Indian)
49. NirmalyaNirmalyaa, NirmalyahPure, clean (Indian)
50. NeeharNeeharr, NeehaarFog, mist (Indian)

Thank you, wonderful mamas, for journeying with us through this list of 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with N. We hope you found it inspiring, enlightening, and full of potential names for your baby boy. Remember, your baby’s name is their first gift from you—it’s a significant choice. Be sure to check out our other baby name idea lists, as we continue providing you with creative and meaningful name suggestions. Happy naming, future moms!

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