50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with M: Explore a World of Cultural Richness

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Hello, mama-to-be! If you’re on the exciting journey of choosing your little boy’s name, you’re in the right place. Our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with M is filled with unique choices, each brimming with rich cultural meanings and heritage.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with M

Many influential figures have graced the world stage with Asian baby boy names starting with M. And, no doubt, you know the legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, born as ‘Lee Jun-fan’ but his screen name, ‘Bruce’, is actually based on the Chinese character ‘Mui’. Pop sensation Masi Oka, famed for his role in the TV show ‘Heroes,’ also carries an Asian name starting with M. These namesakes offer a source of inspiration and a connection to a vibrant heritage.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ManabuManubu, ManavuTo study, learn
MasaruMasaro, MasariVictory
MakotoMakoti, MakotuSincerity, truth
MitsuoMitzuo, MitsooShining man
MichiMichee, MichieRighteous path
MotoMottu, MotuOrigin, source
MasaakiMasaki, MasakiyoBrightness, brilliance
MitsuruMitzuru, MitsuFull, prosperous
MakitoMakitu, MakitTrue person
MinatoMinatu, MinatHarbour, port
MasashiMasash, MasashiiRighteous aspiration
MinoriMinor, MinoreTruth
MikiMikiy, MikieBeautiful tree
MasatoMasatu, MasatJust, righteous person
MitsuhiroMitushiro, MitzuBroad, widespread light
MotohiroMotohiroo, MotohBroad sea
MukeshMukesha, MukeeshLord of liberation
ManishManishe, ManeeshRepresenting the mind
MadhavMhadhav, MadhavaSweet like honey
MaheshMahesha, MaheeshGreat ruler
MuraliMuralie, MuraleeFlute
MohanMohana, MoahanAttractive, charming
ManojManoja, ManogeBorn of the mind
MihirMihiro, MehirThe sun
ManjeetManejeet, ManjitConqueror of the mind
MahipalMahipa, MahipalaKing
MukulMukula, MukuleBud
MithileshMethilesh, MithiKing of Mithila
MohandasMohandasa, MohanDevotee of Lord Krishna
ManasManasa, ManaseMind
ManavManava, ManaviHuman
MalayMalaya, MalaeMountain
MohitMohita, MohiteAttracted
MohanlalMohanlala, MohanlAttractive
MangeshMangesha, MangehGod of happiness
MohiniMohinee, MohinaMost beautiful
MahaviraMahavir, MahaveerBrave, courageous
ManiramManirama, ManiraJewel
ManuManuo, ManueThinking, wise
ManmathaManmath, ManmataGod of love
MahirMahiro, MhaeirSkilled, expert
ManthanManthana, ManthnReflection, meditation
MahadevMahadeva, MhadevGod Shiva
MridulMridula, MridleSoft, gentle
ManvendraManvendr, ManvndKing among men
MukundaMukunda, MukundGiver of liberation
MandhataMandhataa, MndhtaGreat King
MuralidharMuralidhara, MraliOne who holds the divine flute
ManoharManohara, ManohrBeautiful, charming
MithunMithuna, MithonCouple, pair
ManendraManend, ManindraKing of mind

As we draw to a close on this naming adventure, we want to thank you for exploring our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with M. Each name narrates a unique story, imbued with rich meanings and traditions. We hope this list has inspired you and will guide you towards finding the perfect name for your little one. Don’t forget to delve into the other fascinating name lists on our site for more inspiration. Happy naming!

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