50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with M: A Mix of Modern and Traditional

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Hey Mama-to-be! Ready for one of the biggest decisions for your little girl? Dive into our culturally rich and captivating list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with M and find the one that sings to your heart. Let’s make naming your baby an unforgettable journey!

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with M

Ever wondered about the names behind some phenomenal women? Consider Miho (Miho Kanno – a famous Japanese actress), Meiling (Meiling Melançon – a notable Asian-American actress), or even Min (Min Yoon-gi – though a man, this famous K-pop star’s unisex name is all the rage!). The charm and significance of these names have indeed paved the way for their popularity.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MikiMikki, MickyBeautiful princess
MaoMaoko, MayGenuine, true
MeiMeiko, MaiBeautiful, sprouting life
ManaManako, ManaeiLove, affection
MikuMikko, MikoBeautiful sky
MinaMinako, MinamiBeautiful apple
MariMariel, MariaRebellion
MakoMakoto, MaekoTrue heart
MisaMisaki, MisaoBeautiful blossom
MomoMomoko, MomoePeach
MiMieko, MirikaBeautiful
MeilingMei, Mei-MeiBeautiful bell
MarikoMari, RicoTruth
MireiMira, ReiBeautiful example
MegumiMeg, MeguBlessing
MiharuMi, HaruBeautiful spring
ManamiMana, MinaBeautiful love
MaoMay, MoeTrue center
MomijiMomo, MijiMaple leaf
MakiMakiko, MikaPrecious
MeiyoMei, YoHonor
MichiruMichi, MiruFull, grow full
MiyokoMiyu, MiyoBeautiful child
MiuMiau, MiyoBeautiful feather
MinoriMina, NoriBeautiful, truth
MadokaMada, DokaCircle, round
MatsuMatsuko, MatsuyoPine tree
MieMieko, MiyaBeautiful branch
MisayoMisa, SayoBeautiful helpful world
MidoriMido, DoriGreen
MahoMaha, HoTrue sail
MikiyoMiki, KiyoBeautiful pure life
MikasaMika, KasakiBeautiful blossom
MutsukiMutsu, KiBeautiful moon
MiyaMiyako, MiyuBeautiful night
MihokoMiho, HokoBeautiful gem
MihoMie, HoBeautiful sail
MihaneMi, HaneBeautiful feather
MinakoMina, AkoBeautiful child
MikiyaMiki, KiyaBeautiful pure night
MiwakoMiwa, KoBeautiful child
MitoMi, ToBeautiful wisteria
MitsukiMitsu, KiBeautiful moon
MikotoMiko, ToBeautiful person
MimoriMi, MoriBeautiful forest
MinatoMina, ToBeautiful harbour
MisoraMiso, RaBeautiful sky
MurasakiMura, KiBeautiful violet
MomokaMomo, KaPeach flower

Thanks for sharing this special journey with us as we explored 50 Asian baby girl names starting with M. We hope you found some gems that resonated with you and your baby-to-be. Your child’s name is the first gift you’ll give her, so make it count! For more inspiration, don’t forget to explore our other curated lists and guides. Happy naming!

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