50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with L: Unique and Beautiful Choices

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Hey there, future momma! If you’re like me, you’re probably hoping to find that perfect, unique name that matches your little gem’s spirit, yet honors your Asian roots. Well, get ready because our list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with L is just the inspiration you need!

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with L

Among the stars, there are shining examples of these lovely names. Liling, an inspiring Chinese-American artist, and Leiko, a celebrated Japanese-American actress, have made their mark while proudly carrying Asian baby girl names starting with L.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. LianLianne, LiannaLotus
2. Li MeiLi-May, LimeiBeautiful plum
3. LeiLay, LeighFlower bud
4. LingLynn, LynneDelicate, dainty
5. LanLahn, LaanOrchid
6. LilingLeiling, LeilinWhite jasmine
7. Li HuaLi-Hua, LihwaPear blossom
8. LixueLixuee, LeixuePretty snow
9. LeLee, LeiaJoy, happiness
10. LuLuh, LueDeer
11. LanfenLan-Fen, LaanfenOrchid fragrance
12. LijuanLi-Juan, LijwanBeautiful, graceful
13. LiminLi-Min, LymynJasmine and cleverness
14. LirongLyrong, Li-RongBeautiful countenance
15. LifenLi-Fen, LeifenBeautiful fragrance
16. LuweiLu-Wei, LouweiProfit and greatness
17. LinLynn, LynForest
18. LifenLyfen, LiefenBeautiful fragrance
19. LijunLi-Jun, LeejunBeautiful, talented
20. LanyingLan-Ying, LanyngBlue sapphire
21. LiweiLi-Wei, LiewieBeautiful rose
22. LichunLi-Chun, LychunBeautiful spring
23. LiqinLi-Qin, LieqinBeautiful zither
24. LijinLi-Jin, LijynBeautiful gold
25. LimingLi-Ming, LimyngBeautiful morning
26. LirenLi-Ren, LyrenBeautiful benevolence
27. LiqingLi-Qing, LyqingBeautiful celebration
28. LiyingLi-Ying, LyyingBeautiful flower
29. LizhenLi-Zhen, LyzhenBeautiful pearl
30. LimeiLi-Mei, LymeiBeautiful plum
31. LianhuaLian-Hua, LyenhuaLotus flower
32. LihongLi-Hong, LihongBeautiful rainbow
33. LiqiuLi-Qiu, LyqiuBeautiful autumn
34. LiruiLi-Rui, LyruiBeautiful sharpness
35. LijiaLi-Jia, LijeaBeautiful and noble
36. LifenLi-Fen, LyfenBeautiful fragrance
37. LiuanLiu-An, LyouanBeautiful grace
38. LihuaLi-Hua, LyhuaPear blossom
39. LifenLi-Fen, LiefenBeautiful fragrance
40. LiuLyou, LouWillow
41. LiLee, LyBeautiful
42. LuluLuloo, LuluuDewdrop
43. LuohaiLohai, LuuhaiMermaid
44. LupingLuhping, LuupingPeaceful duck
45. LuyeLueye, LuhyeBright leaf
46. LanyuLuhnyu, LaanyuBlue feather
47. LuchunLuhchun, LuuhchunSpring deer
48. LumingLuhming, LuuhmingBright deer
49. LumeiLu-Mei, LumeyPlum deer
50. LudanLu-Dan, LuhdanPeony

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through 50 Asian baby girl names starting with L. We trust you found some inspiration and maybe, just maybe, the perfect name for your little princess. Continue to explore our extensive collection of baby name ideas on our site and let the magic of finding the perfect name amaze you. Happy naming!

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