50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with L: Set Your Boy Apart

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Choosing a baby’s name is like wrapping a small piece of the world’s tradition and culture into a beautiful gift. It’s an exciting, often overwhelming task. Dive into our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with ‘L’ to find a name that will reflect your son’s roots and the bright future he holds.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with L

One of the most inspiring examples is Liu Ye, a well-known Chinese actor. His works such as “Curse of the Golden Flower” and “Dark Matter” have crossed borders, making him a beloved figure internationally and showing the potential your boy can reach with a strong name like Liu.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LiangLeung, LiangBright, Clear
LokLoc, LockeBlessing, Happiness
LekLittle One
LongLung, LongoDragon
LinLinh, LynForest
LiLee, LeighStrong, Powerful
LuLoo, LouProsperous, Wealthy
LeiLai, LayThunder
LienLian, LeinLotus
LamLum, LahmForest
LimLyam, LimmGrove
LeeLie, LiPlum
LingLynng, LyngSpirit, Soul
LeLay, LaiHappy, Joyous
LaosLaus, LaozThe Lao People
LuongLuang, LwongBright
LuqmanLukman, LukemanWise
LuanLuann, LuwanRebellion
LanLahnn, LahnBlue, Orchid
LacLacc, LakHappiness
LanhLanhe, LanneCool, Refreshing
LaoLaow, LauRespect, Worship
LatLett, LatteRenowned, Famous
LauLaw, LaowLaurel
LavLave, LuvNarrator of Stories
LeightonLayton, LeytonHerb Garden
LawsonLason, LassonSon of Lawrence
LennonLennan, LenonDear One
LevonLeevon, LevonnLion
LexusLexuss, LexxusLuxurious
LincolnLinkoln, LinkonTown by the Pool
LoganLogann, LogenLittle Hollow
LondonLondun, LondenFrom the Great River
LorenzoLorenzzo, LarenzoFrom Laurentum
LouisLewis, LuisFamous Warrior
LowellLowel, LowleBeloved
LucasLukas, LuccasLight
LukaLucka, LuccaLight
LukmanLuke Man, Luke MannWise
LutherLuthar, LuthorPeople Army
LynnLinn, LynLake
LynwoodLinwood, LynwodLin’s Wood
LyonLion, LyonnLion
LyricLyrick, LyrikLyre, Song
LysanderLyssander, LysandarLiberator
LyttonLitton, LittoneTown on the River Hlut

Thanks for exploring our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with ‘L’. Each name carries its own special meaning and history, ready to inspire your little one’s journey. For more baby name inspiration, be sure to check out the other lists on our site. Choosing a name is a significant step in welcoming your child into the world, and we’re here to support you throughout this exciting journey.

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