50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with K: Welcoming Your Little One in Style

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Hello, soon-to-be mama! Naming our little ones is as exciting as it is overwhelming, right? Well, breathe a sigh of relief, because you’ve landed on the perfect spot. These 50 Asian Baby Boy Names starting with ‘K’ are going to make your search so much more enjoyable and meaningful. Let’s dive in!

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Star power can sometimes be just the inspiration you need. For instance, Ken Watanabe, a celebrated Japanese actor known for movies like ‘Inception’. Or K-pop sensation Kim Taehyung, globally adored for his unique voice and charming persona. Each one provides a dose of charisma to the name they bear.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. KaiKye, Kaj“Sea” or “Ocean”
2. KaitoKayto, Kato“Flying” or “Soaring”
3. KenjiKenjie, Kenzo“Second Son” or “Healthy”
4. KentaKent, Kento“Large” or “Strong”
5. KeiKey, Kay“Blessing” or “Respect”
6. KazukiKazuko, Kazu“Harmony” or “Peace”
7. KojiKoge, Kouji“Little One” or “Second Child”
8. KyoKio, Kyon“Cooperation” or “Capital City”
9. KoichiKoichiro, Koi“First Son”
10. KionKione, Kyon“King of Kings”
11. KiyoKiyon, Kiyoshi“Purity”
12. KyotoKyoton, Kyota“Capital City”
13. KyeongKyeong-su, Kyeong-ho“Brightness” or “Respect”
14. KisukeKiskue, Kisuki“Hope”
15. KanjiKanje, Kanjy“Name of a Type of Chinese Characters”
16. KuniKunie, Kuno“Country-born”
17. KanonKannon, Kano“Sound of the Heavens”
18. KeishinKeishun, Keishi“Respectful Heart”
19. KagenKageno, Kage“Flexible” or “Shadowy”
20. KozoKozou, Kozu“Little Elephant”
21. KagenobuKagen, Kage“Flexible Ruler”
22. KempachiKemp, Kem“Warrior with Sword”
23. KeiichiKeita, Keiji“Respectful One”
24. KatsuKatsuo, Katsui“Victory”
25. KeitaroKeita, Keta“Blessed”
26. KimiKimie, Kimio“Noble”
27. KichiroKichirou, Kicha“Lucky Son”
28. KuroKuru, Kuroi“Black”
29. KoshiroKoshi, Kosh“Ambitious”
30. KaminKamino, Kami“Joyful”
31. KaitoKaita, Kait“Ocean Flying”
32. KitoKita, Kitoa“Happiness and Joy”
33. KonKono, Koni“Power”
34. KaedeKaeden, Kaed“Maple Leaf”
35. KaitenKaitin, Kaitan“Ocean Heaven”
36. KoseiKose, Kosea“Fairness”
37. KoutaKoton, Kote“Great Peace”
38. KanzoKanz, Kanzou“Caring”
39. KyojiKyojin, Kyoj“Pure”
40. KojinKoj, Kojinu“God of Fire”
41. KioshiKio, Kios“Quiet”
42. KazuhoKazuh, Kazu“Harmonious Man”
43. KoshoKoshu, Kosh“Bright Star”
44. KichirouKichir, Kich“Fortunate Son”
45. KainanKain, Kaina“Making Waves”
46. KeizoKeiza, Keiz“Respect Three”
47. KiyoshiKiyosh, Kiyoshu“Quiet”
48. KishoKishu, Kishi“One Who Knows His Own Mind”
49. KaitenKait, Kaitenu“Ocean Flyer”
50. KunihiroKuni, Kunih“Wide Kingdom”

And there you have it, a lush garden of 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with K. Each one carries a unique essence, ready to complement the uniqueness of your soon-to-arrive prince. We hope this list has sparked some ideas for you! For more inspiration, don’t forget to explore other baby name lists on our site. What an exciting journey you’re on! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

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