50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with K: Harmonize Heritage and Style

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Hey there, future momma! If you’re here, you’re probably on the hunt for that perfect name, right? Well, get ready to deep dive into a sea of 50 beautiful Asian baby girl names starting with K—brimming with grace, heritage, and unique meanings.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with K

From renowned artists to influential leaders, women with Asian baby girl names starting with K have made noteworthy contributions globally. For instance, Korean pop star Kim Taeyeon, known better as ‘Taeyeon’, captivates audiences with her unequivocal talent, while Kazuyo Sejima, an acclaimed Japanese architect, is renowned for her revolutionary designs.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KaoriKaorin, KaorinaFragrance
KeikoKei, KeikaBlessed child
KikueKikukoChrysanthemum stem
KiwaKiwakoBorder harmony
KumiKumikoLong time beautiful
KyomiKyomiePure beauty
KazueKazuko, KazumiHarmonious blessing
KumariKumani, KumarieDaughter
KeiKey, KayRespect
KotoKotone, KotokoHarp
KamalaKamaria, KameelaLotus
KarishmaKarisma, KarismaaMiracle
KalyanaKalyani, KalyanieAuspicious
KiranKirana, KiraniRay of light
KabitaKabitha, KavitaPoetry
KshamaKsama, KshemaForgiveness
KhushiKhushie, KhusiHappiness
KaminiKaminie, KamineeDesirable woman
KarunaKarunaa, KaroonaCompassion
KimikoKimie, KimiNoble child
KaedeKaeMaple leaf
KohanaKohan, KohanaLittle flower
KazumiKazuHarmonious beauty
KimiKimiko, KimmieNoble
KaiyaKaia, KaiahForgiveness
KeonaKeo, KeaGod’s gracious gift
KameaKame, KameeThe one (Hawaiian)
KiyomiKiyomePure beauty
KairiKaire, KairieOcean village
KeahiKeahie, KeahiaFlames
KealaniKea, KealanieClear sky
KaelynKaelin, KaelynnPure
KeikiKeikie, KeikiaChild
KekonaKekon, KekonahSecond-born
KinKyn, KinnGold
KinalKynal, KynallTop of the mountain
KarishKarysh, KarisheMiracle
KaeKei, KayeLoved one
KaranKarane, KaraneePure
KamikoKami, KamieChild of God
KaraniKaryn, KaraneePure
KaishoriKaisori, KaishorieGoddess Vindhya
KritiKreeti, KreetiePiece of art
KajriKajrie, KajaraCloud like
KeshiniKeshinie, KeshineeA woman with beautiful hair
KuhukKuhukie, KuhukaaSinging bird

Cheers to making it to the end of this exciting journey! We hope our list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with K has inspired you and sparked some ideas for your soon-to-be little one. Remember, every name tells a story, and your child’s name will be the first chapter of their own. Feeling inquisitive for more ideas? We’ve got plenty more baby name lists waiting for you on our site. Happy name hunting!

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