Unveiling 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with E to Love

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Hello, mom-to-be! If you’re passionately hunting for that perfect name for your coming bundle of joy, you’re in the right place. Our list of 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with E is a treasure trove of beautiful, culturally rich names that promise to inspire.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with E

Let’s shine a spotlight on some remarkable individuals who proudly bear Asian baby girl names starting with E. Euna Kim, a talented musician, and Eriko Sato, an award-winning actress, are both trailblazers in their fields. Their names, rich with meaning, have become symbols of their talent and determination.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EunEunie, EuniceGrace
EmiEmy, EmieBeautiful
EtsukoEtty, EtsuJoyful child
EriErie, EryBlessed prize
EnaEnna, EenaGift from God
EikoEika, EikkoLong-lived
ErinaErin, EreenaLove island
ErikoErikko, ErikaChild of love
EmaEmma, EmahUniversal
EmikoEmik, EmeekoSmiling child
EimiEimie, EimyBeautiful
EsumiEsumy, EsumerBeautiful bay
EtsuEtsie, EtsooDelight
ErinoErin, ErineLove beach
EteraEtera, EterahGreat
EsaEssa, EsaahRadiant
EzumiEzume, EzumeeNever give up
EzenEzena, EzeneWorthy
EchikoEchika, EchikkoWise child
EkiEkie, EkeeCheerful
EdakoEdika, EdakkoJoyful child
EkikoEkika, EkikkoHappy child
EnhuiEnhue, EnhueeGraceful
EtaiEtay, EtaeGlorious
EyumiEyume, EyumeeBeautiful bow
EnkoEnka, EnkkoGracious
EseoEseo, EseohHeavenly
EbisuEbis, EbissLucky charm
EiwaEiwah, EiwaaEternity
EdaEdah, EdaaWealthy
EiaEiah, EiaaGlowing
EmuEmoo, EmuFavorable
EijuEiju, EijuhLong life
EiyoEiyo, EiyohGlory
EnyuEnyoo, EnyuuGraceful
EruEruh, EruuBlessed
EsuiEsuie, EsuPure water
EtsunaEtsunah, EtsunaaLoveful
EsaEsa, EsaaGifted
EjiEjee, EjiPeaceful
ElaElaa, ElahTender
EkoEkko, EkooChild of peace
EtsuhoEtsuho, EtsuhooBright star
ErihoEriho, ErihooBlessed hill
ErihaEriha, ErihaaLight
EtakiEtaki, EtakeeHopeful
EmihoEmiho, EmihooBeautiful hill
EtsukoEtsuko, EtsukooChild of joy
EtsuyaEtsuya, EtsuyaaNight sparkle
EtsuyoEtsuyo, EtsuyooGeneration joy
EtsuyoEtsuyo, EtsuyooJoyful age

What a journey through such a delightful selection of 50 Asian Baby Girl names starting with E! Thank you for exploring this list with us. We hope it has sparked inspiration for your little one’s name. Remember, this is just a glimpse into the wide array of baby names we have to offer. Keep the inspiration flowing by exploring more of our curated lists right here on our site.

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