50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with E that Echo Tradition

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Choosing a name for your bundle of joy is a thrilling journey. Unleash the magic of heritage with our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with E, each brimming with culture, tradition, and uniqueness.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with E

There’s no shortage of famous and influential figures with Asian baby boy names starting with E. Consider Eiichi Nakamoto, a renowned Japanese aerospace engineer. Or perhaps Eiji Tsuburaya, the godfather of Japanese special effects in film. These names not only carry heritage but also represent strength and accomplishment.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EishiEishuEternal Stone
EijiroEijirouFirst son of Eiji
EizoEizouExcellent three (third son)
EiichiEiichiroEverlasting First Son
EitoEitouGlory and wisteria
EiseiEiseuEternal Star
EijiEijinSecond Child; Splendid
EkakuEkakouOpen happiness
EiyoEiyuHonor and glory
EnmeiEnmaiCircle of brightness
EndoEndouEdge of the wisteria
EnjiEnjieCircle of benevolence
EkidoEkidouDelightful path
EisakuEisakouProsperous and peaceful
EnkaiEnkayCircle of celebration
EizoEizouProsperous three
EishiEishieWisdom and ambition
EijunEijunnForever obedient
EiwaEiwahEverlasting harmony
EjiriEjirrieBay entrance
EriErihBlessed with logic
EkenEkeniBorn of the yew tree
EbizoEbizouProsperous three
EmikoEmikouBeautiful child
EikichiEikichieHappy and prosperous
EinosukeEinosukieProsperity and assist
EitaEitahGlory and thick
EisaiEisaieLongevity and color
EitoEitouGlory and wisteria
EmishiEmishieHesitating beauty
EkihikoEkihikouProsperous prince
EtsuoEtsuouJoyful man
EiryoEiryuEternally clear
EisukeEisukieEternal help
EitoEitohGlory and wisteria
EijiEijieSecond, Splendid
EkinEkinnBorn of the yew tree
EnshoEnshouDistant and fly
EijiroEijirauFirst son of Eiji
EdaoEdaouBranch of the cherry blossom
EikiEikieGlory and brightness
EijunEijunnForever obedient
EidoEidouProsperous way
EikenEikenieProsperous and wise
EmishiEmishieHesitating beauty
EiwaEiwahEverlasting harmony
ErihitoErihitohBlessed person

Thanks for exploring our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with E. Each name carries a piece of culture and tradition waiting to be cherished. Feel inspired? Explore more unique and rich baby name ideas on our site! After all, your little one deserves a name as unique as they are.

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