50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with F: Unearth Timeless Treasures

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With the delightful anticipation of your little one’s arrival, the quest for the perfect name begins! Our carefully curated list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with ‘F’ is here to inspire you. We have a beautiful mix of traditional and trendy names, steeped in rich Asian culture, just waiting to be discovered.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Take a peek at some notable individuals who bear these culturally rich names. Fumihiko Maki, a renowned Japanese architect, has left his mark with his innovative designs. Filipino actor and model, Francis Magundayao, is another great example of a name coupled with talent and acclaim. These names are more than just letters; they carry stories of accomplishment and influence.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FaaiFaiGrowth, Progress
FahadFahd, FahedLeopard, Lynx
FahimFaheem, FuhimScholarly, Learned
FairuzFayruz, FiruzTurquoise
FakhriFakhry, FakhrGlory, Grandeur
FanFann, FahnMortal
FangFong, FungFragrant, Virtuous
FarhanFarhaan, FerhanHappiness, Joy
FarisFariss, FareesKnight, Horseman
FaroukFarook, FarukOne who distinguishes truth from falsehood
FasihFaseeh, FasihaEloquent, Fluent
FathiFathee, FathieVictorious, Conqueror
FauziFauzee, FawziSuccessful, Triumphant
FawazFawz, FawasSuccessful, Victorious
FenFenn, FennerFragrance
FengFong, FungWind, Peak
FidelFidell, FedelFaithful, Sincere
FikriFukri, FikreeIntellectual, Scholarly
FukaynaFukaina, FukaynahKnowledgeable, Wise
FulkiFulkee, FulkiySpark
FuquanFu-Kuan, FookuanWealthy, Noble
FuzailFuzayl, FuzeylAn accomplished person
FuyukiFuyuuki, FuyukkiWinter, Hope
FuzuoFuzhuo, FuzhoRich, Abundant
FuyuanFu-Yuan, FuyuenGarden, Origin
FeidhlimFeidhelm, FeidlimBeauty, Radiance
FudoFudoh, FuduoImmovable
FuseiFousei, FuseumSincere, Honest
FunatoFunatou, FunatohBoat, Shore
FumioFumiuo, FumiyoLiterature, Scholar
FukashiFukashie, FukashyDeep, Profound
FukuoFukou, FukowLucky, Fortunate
FusanosukeFusanosuki, FusanoskueGeneral, Lord
FuyuhikoFuyuhicko, FuyuhikkoWinter, Boy
FuyutoFuyuuto, FuyutouWinter, Person
FazilFazill, FazlVirtuous, Excellent
FirozFiroze, FirouzSuccessful, Victorious
FakiraFakirah, FakirSage, Saint
FayazFayyaz, FayyazGenerous, Abundant
FayeedFayeid, FayidOverflowing, Generous
FazlurFazloore, FazlourGrace, Kindness
FuzuliFuzulee, FuzeleighPolite, Courteous
FaisanFaisaan, FaisaanJudge, Arbitrator
FirojFeroj, FirozeGemstone, Turquoise
FizzahFizzah, FizaSilver, Pure
FahmiFahmie, FahmeeIntelligent, Understanding
FalaqFalak, PhalaqDawn, Daybreak
FakhirFakhire, FakherProud, Excellent
FerozeFeroz, FirozeVictorious, Successful
FakharFakher, FakhareGlory, Honor

Thank you for joining us on this exciting endeavor of exploring baby boy names starting with ‘F’. We hope our list has sparked some inspiration and added a sprinkle of joy to your name-seeking journey. Don’t forget to peruse our other lists for more fantastic baby name ideas. Keep lighting up your little one’s world with a name full of love, meaning, and legacy.

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