Echoes of Elegance: 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with F

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Choosing our baby’s name is one of the most enriching and exciting decisions we make as soon-to-be parents. It’s an opportunity to celebrate our heritage and the unique story we want to weave for our child. If you’re taken by the beauty and depth of Asian culture, here’s a list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with F, each carrying a unique charm punctuated by tradition and grace.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with F

From the graceful ballet dancer Fang-Yi Sheu to the acclaimed actress Fan Bingbing, Asian names starting with F have graced some of the world’s influential women. Embrace the strength and vibrancy these names bring, and perhaps your little one will walk a path of fame and influence, just like them!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FumikoFumie, Fumi“Child of treasured beauty”
FukikoFuki“Child of good fortune”
FuyukoFuyu“Winter child”
FaizaFaizah, Faeza“Victorious” or “Successful”
FumikaFumi, Mika“Beautiful fragrance”
FujikoFuji“Child of wisteria”
FusakoFusa“Helpful child”
FutabaFuta“Bud or sprout”
FarahFara, Farrah“Happiness” or “Joy”
FahmidaFahmi, Mida“Intelligent” or “Wise”
FarihaFari, Farihah“Joyful” or “Happy”
FarzanaFarza, Zana“Intelligent” or “Wise”
FizaFizah, Fizza“Breeze”
FatimaFatimah, Fathima“One who abstains”
FaridaFaridah, Fareeda“Unique” or “Precious gem”
FauziaFauziah, Fawzia“Successful”
FirozaFirozah, Feroza“Turquoise”
FreyaFreyja, Fraya“Lady” or “Noblewoman”
FujiFugi, Fujiy“Wisteria”
FahimaFahimah, Faheema“One who understands”
FazilaFazilah, Fazeela“Excellent” or “Outstanding”
FereshtehFereshte, Ferishta“Angel”
FiryalFiryel, Firyeal“One with a majestic or lofty personality”
FongFang, Fon“Phoenix” – a symbol of high virtue and grace
FanFann, Fahn“Mortal” or “Ordinary”
FenfangFen, Fang“Fragrant”
FainaFai, Fainah“Shining” or “Radiant”
FumihanaFumi, Hana“Beautiful flower”
FuguiFu, Gui“Rich and honorable”
FahriyeFahriyah, Fahriey“Proud”
FilizFilis, Feliz“Sprout” or “Shoot”
FakhriyaFakhriyah, Fakhriye“Honorary”
FeiruzFeiruze, Feiruzz“Turquoise”
FakhiraFakhirah, Fakhire“Excellent” or “Glorious”
FadimeFadima, Fadimah“One who abstains”
FevziyeFevziya, Fevzie“Victorious”
FikriyeFikriya, Fikrie“Ideal” or “Conceptual”
FerihaFeria, Ferihah“Joyful” or “Happy”
FatemehFatema, Fatemah“One who abstains”
FreydeFreydah, Freide“Joy”
FulyaFuliya, Fulyah“A type of flower”
FahriFahrie, Fahriy“My pride”
FakhriFakhrie, Fakhriy“Glory”
FatmaFatmah, Fatmah“One who abstains”
FadwaFadwah, Fadwah“Sacrifice”
FateFati, Fatie“Fate”
FidanFidane, Fidahn“Sapling”
FigenFige, Figeh“Blossom” or “Flower”
FulyaFuliya, Fulyah“A type of flower”
FizaFizah, Fizzah“Breeze”
FaridaFaridah, Fareedah“Unique” or “Precious gem”

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with F. We hope it has sparked some inspiration as you embark on the delightful journey of picking that special name for your bundle of joy. Remember, each name carries its own story – just waiting for your child to enrich it further. Don’t stop here, we have a treasure trove of name ideas waiting for you on our site. Dive in and let the naming journey continue!

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