Unlock Tradition: 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with U

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Heads up, super mama-to-be! On your quest for a name that’s rich in tradition and unique in essence for your little boy, you’ve landed just in the right place. Our list of 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with U is ready, just for you.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with U 

A sprinkle of fame never hurts! Just take Umar, the name of the second Caliph and one of the most influential Muslim rulers in history. Or consider Usama, like Usama Young, the American football safety. These names have a beautiful heritage and a promise of individuality for your baby boy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. UmarOmar, UmerLong-lived, flourishing
2. UsmanOthman, UthmanYoung eagle, servant of God
3. UbaidUbaydFaithful, small servant
4. UzairUzzairHelper
5. UthmanUsman, OthmanCompanion of Prophet Muhammad
6. UbayObayHumble, modest
7. UmmarUmarPopulated, thriving
8. UqbahUqbaThe end, the last
9. UzayrUzair, UzeyrPrecious
10. UbaydullahUbaidullahServant of Allah
11. UwaysOwais, OwaysSmall wolf
12. UwaisOwaisA companion of the Prophet
13. UmayrUmairOld Arabic name
14. UzzielUzzielGod is my strength
15. UraifUraiyfGood scent
16. UnaisUnayesFriendly, affable
17. UsamehUsamahDescription of a lion
18. UzibUzeibFresh, sweet
19. UzunUzzunLong
20. UgonnaUgonnahGod’s pride
21. UqbahUqbaThe end
22. UbayyUbayOld Arabic name
23. UmarahUmarrahOld Arabic name
24. UmidUmied, UmeidHope
25. UnsalUnsallMorning light
26. UlwanUlwaanHigh, lofty
27. UsaimUsaimeLion’s cub
28. UshaimUshaymIntelligent, majestic
29. UtbahUtabahOld Arabic name
30. UrwahUrwaSupport, handle
31. UmaydUmaidNoble
32. UthkarUthkaarRepeated, iteration
33. UzriUzreeMade of gold
34. UbadaUbadahWorship, devotion
35. UtbahUtabahOld Arabic name
36. UthmanUsmanBaby bustard
37. UrfanUrfannThanks
38. UqbahUqbaEnd of everything
39. UsamahOsamaDescription of a lion
40. UmayrUmayirOld Arabic name
41. UbadahUbadahIn the service of God
42. UsaidUsaydSmall lion
43. UmayyahUmayyahA narrator of Hadith
44. UsaimUsaimeLion’s cub
45. UzairUzzairName of a Prophet
46. UsairimUsairimeJust, equitable
47. UmmidUmmideHope
48. UbaadahUbaadahWorshiper of God
49. UzayrUzairPrecious
50. UqbahUqbaThe end

That’s a wrap on our list of 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with U! We hope this exciting journey into the depths of Arabic names has brought you closer to finding the ideal name for your little prince. Remember, the adventure doesn’t end here. Explore more baby name idea lists on our site and keep the inspiration flowing!

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