50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with D: Embrace Cultural Diversity

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Choosing a name is like weaving the first threads in your baby’s life story—it’s both exciting and profound! Our list of 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with D offers a trove of charming, meaningful choices that’ll add a dash of cultural richness to her unique identity.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with D

Take inspiration from trailblazers like Dia Mirza, a celebrated Indian actress and environmental activist, or Dami Im, an Australian singer with Korean roots who won hearts on “The X Factor”. Such names aren’t just beautiful—they carry a legacy of strength and determination.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DaeDae-Hee, Dae-HoGreat, Shining
DaiyuDai-Yu, DaiBlack Jade
DanbiDan-Bi, Bi-DanSweet Rain
DanikaDanica, DaneekaMorning Star
DaoDao-Ming, Dao-MeiPeach, Apricot
DaraDara-Lee, DarrahStar
DarikaDarikha, DariFlower
Da-XiaXia-Da, DaLong Summer
DechenDech, De-ChenGreat Bliss
DeepaDeepika, DeeptiLight, Lamp
DelaraDe-Lara, DelAdorning the Heart
DevanshiDev, DevanshikaDivine
DhritiDhritik, DhritikaCourage, Morale
DiemDiem-Mai, DiPretty, Charming
DikshaDikshita, DikshiInitiation
DikyaDikyah, DikIsland
DilaraDila, DilarDelights the Heart
DivyaDivi, DivyanshiDivine Brilliance
DoyeonDo-Yeon, Yeon-DoVirtuous Beauty
DrishtiDrish, DrishtikaSight, Vision
DuDu-Han, Du-MeiBelly, Abdomen
DuaDuaa, DuhaPrayer
DuyenDuy, Duyen-AnhGrace, Charm
DyahDyah-Ratih, DyGoddess of Moon
DyotaDy, DyotamaRadiance, Glory
DaiDae, DayTo Shine
DakshaDakshita, DakshayaniThe Earth; Sati – wife of Shiva
DaminiDamin, DaminaLightning
DaniaDaney, DanieGod is My Judge
DaraDarah, DarieWealthy
DarshanaDarshan, DarshiSight, Vision, Perspective
DevakiDevakiya, DevakDivine, Mother of Krishna
DewiDew, DewinaGoddess
DiptiDiptika, DiptimiBrightness, Light
DolmaDol, DolmayaVenerated Woman
DonyaDon, DonyahWorld
DurgaDur, DurganshiGoddess of Power
DutzaDut, DutzayaSmall, Little
DanujaDanuj, DanujaliA Name for River Ganga
DhwaniDhwaniya, DhwanithSound, Melody
DipaliDipal, DipalikaRow of lamps
DiyaDiyanshi, DiyalLamp, Light
DonaDonah, DoniLady
DruthiDruthika, DruthilaSoftened
DindaDindita, DindiYoung Lady
DeebaDeeb, DeebikaSilk
DollyDollie, DollGift of God
DrishaDrish, DrishanaMountain Lord
DyaniDyan, DyanieDeer
DarijaDari, DarijahWealthy

That concludes our exploration of 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with D. We hope you’ve found inspiration and possibly, the perfect name for your little angel. Thanks for journeying with us! Don’t forget to delve deeper and explore other captivating baby name lists on our site. Here’s to a wonderful naming adventure for your baby!

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