50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with T for a Strong Start

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Welcome, lovely mama-to-be! If you’re on the hunt for a baby name that’s full of character and steeped in tradition, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 50 stunning Arabic baby girl names starting with T, just for you.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with T 

Arabic names starting with ‘T’ have graced many influential figures. Take Tahani Al-Jamil; a character portrayed by Jameela Jamil in the hit show ‘The Good Place’. Or, consider the talented Tala Ashe, an Iranian-American actress known for her role in ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.’ These names carry a rich history and cultural resonance, promising a strong identity for your little one.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. TalaTalea, TalahGold
2. TahiraTahera, TahirahPure, chaste
3. TamaraTamera, TamiraDate palm tree
4. TharaTharah, ThairaWealth
5. TaibahTaybah, TaibaRepentant
6. ThaminaThaminah, TaminaPrecious
7. TasneemTasnim, TazneemA river in Heaven
8. TawaddudTawadud, TawaddudeFriendly, lover
9. TaslimaTasleema, TaslimeGiving salutation
10. TaliaTalya, TahliaHeaven’s dew
11. TahaniTahanee, TahanieCongratulations, felicitations
12. TalibahTaleebah, TalibaSeeker of knowledge
13. ThanaThanah, ThannaThankfulness, praise
14. TufaylahTufailah, TufaylaYoung, tender
15. ThuraiyaThurayya, ThureyaA star in the Taurus constellation
16. TuhfahTuhfa, TohfaGift
17. TulayhahTulayha, TulaehaName of a Sahabiyah
18. ThuwaibahThuwaybahName of a Sahabiyah
19. TawbahToubahRepentance
20. TuhinahTuhynaSnowfall
21. TazimTazeemHonor, respect
22. TazkiaTazkeyaPurification
23. TazmeenTazminOne who respects
24. TuhfaTuhfahGift
25. TabassumTabbasumSmiling
26. TabindaTabbindaBright, shining
27. TahseenTahsinBeautification
28. TahmeedTahmeadPraise, appreciation of Allah
29. TaheerahTaheraPure, chaste
30. TaheraTahiraPure
31. TaibahTaybahRepentant
32. TaifTayefVision
33. TajTaajCrown
34. TajalillTajlilCrowned
35. TameemTameemaPerfect
36. TanseemTansimSalute of paradise
37. TameezTameezaDiscretion, sense
38. TamkeenTamkinDignity, gravity
39. TamraTamrahDate tree
40. TanvirTanveerIllumination
41. TaranumTarannumMelody
42. TarfahTarfaA kind of tree
43. TarubTarubiaMerry
44. TasadduqTasadduqGiving alms
45. TaseefaTaseefClever, smart
46. TashfeenTashfinSympathetic
47. TashnaTashnnaThirsty
48. TasleemTaslimSalute
49. TasmiyahTasmiaNaming
50. TawakkulTawakulTrust (in God)

Thank you for diving into our list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with T. We hope this wide array of names has inspired you and brought you one step closer to finding the perfect name for your little princess. Keep the journey going by exploring more baby name ideas on our site, where inspiration is always just a click away.

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