50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with S: For A Modern Mom

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Hey there, future mom! Have you considered an Arabic baby girl name starting with S for your little star? They’re unique, packed with meaning, and simply exquisite. Let’s jump into our carefully curated list of 50 such names ready to be discovered.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Famous personalities shine with these names starting with S. Consider the award-winning Lebanese singer, Sabah, or the popular actress, Saba Mubarak. Sharing a name with these successful women might be the perfect inspiration for your bundle of joy!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. SabahSabahaMorning
2. SamiraSameeraEntertaining companion
3. SalimaSaleemaSafe, Healthy
4. SanaSanaaBrilliance, Elegance
5. SafiyaSafiyyaPure, Untroubled
6. SaharSahaarDawn
7. SairaSairahTraveller
8. SabeenSabinaBreeze from the east
9. SalwaSalwaaConsolation, Comfort
10. SorayaSurayaThe Pleiades
11. SajidaSajdaOne who prostrates
12. ShakiraShakeeraThankful
13. SalmaSalamaPeaceful
14. SaadiaSaadiyaLucky
15. ShifaSheefaCure, Healing
16. SamiaSameyaElevated
17. SuhailaSuhaylaEasy, Facile
18. SirinSeereenJoyful
19. SaidaSayedaHappy, Fortunate
20. SafaSaffaPurity, Clarity
21. SahlaSahliaSmooth, Soft
22. SakeenaSakinaPeace, Tranquility
23. SidraSedraOf the stars
24. SindiSyndiFrom the mountain
25. SoumayaSumayaHigh above
26. SireenSereneSweet
27. SaikaSaichaA meaningful glance
28. SalsabilSelsabeelSpring in paradise
29. SamaraSameiraGuardian
30. SuhanaSuhaynaBeautiful
31. ShamaShamaaCandle
32. SariyahSariyyaClouds at night
33. ShadhaShadhaaAroma
34. SaafiyaSafiyaPure
35. ShukriaShukriyaGratitude
36. SuhaSuhaaName of a star
37. SibghaSibghahColour
38. SajalaSajalaClouds at dawn
39. ShurafaShuraafaNoble
40. ShuruqShurooqRising sun
41. SuryaSouryaSun
42. SudaisSudaesSixth
43. ShadhaShathaAromatic
44. SaheeraSahiraVigilant, Awake
45. SudaSoodaHappy, Lucky
46. SuadSoadHappiness
47. SireenSyreenJoyful
48. SabihahSabeehaBeautiful
49. SaamiyaSamiaElevated
50. SuzanSuzanaGraceful Lily

And that’s a wrap on our list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with S. Thanks for sharing this exciting journey with us. The hunt isn’t over yet, though! Be sure to explore our other lists for more unique baby name ideas. Happy naming!

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