50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with C: Embrace Elegance and Origin

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Hi Mama-to-be! Have you ever delved into the realm of Asian baby names? Let’s embark on an exciting journey together as we uncover 50 Asian baby girl names starting with ‘C’ that are full of charm, tradition, and beautiful meanings.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with C

From the world of entertainment to the trailblazers in technology, many noteworthy figures bear Asian baby girl names starting with C. Celebrities like China Chow, actress, model, and TV host, or Connie Chung, eminent US journalist, and Chun-Li, virtuoso classical pianist, have all shone bright in their respective fields.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ChaeChai, Chay“Flower”
2. ChanChann, Chahn“Moon”
3. ChiChee, Chie“Branch”
4. ChinChinn, Chyn“Precious”
5. ChoChoh, Choe“Butterfly”
6. ChulChull, Chullee“Firm”
7. ChunChunn, Choon“Spring”
8. CaiCay, Cae“Colorful”
9. CoKoh, Coe“Lake”
10. CuiCuy, Cuee“Emerald”
11. ChewChue, Cheew“Sparrow”
12. ChikaCheeka, Chikah“Wisdom”
13. ChimeChimae, Chimme“Invincible”
14. ChouChow, Choe“Morning”
15. ChaiChay, Chaee“Life”
16. ChaoChow, Cheow“Surpassing”
17. ChikoChico, Chikoe“Arrow”
18. CiaCiah, Ceiah“Double”
19. ChaChah, Chaa“Tea”
20. ChiuChew, Cheew“Autumn”
21. CheriCherry, Cheree“Dear One”
22. ChynaChina, Chyna“Fine China”
23. ChunhuaChunhuah, Choonhua“Spring Flower”
24. ChulsoonChulsohn, Choolsoon“Firm and Mild”
25. ChengCheeng, Chenge“Accomplished”
26. ChaiyoChaeyo, Chaio“Cheerful”
27. ChihCheeh, Chie“Wisdom”
28. CiciCece, Cicee“Blind”
29. ChiekoCheeko, Chiiko“Blessing”
30. ChiyoChiyo, Cheeyo“Eternal”
31. ChongChon, Choong“Powerful”
32. ChanjuanChanjuan, Chahnjuan“Moonlike”
33. ChenoaChenoah, Chenowa“Dove”
34. ChulheeChulhi, Choolhee“Wisdom and Happiness”
35. ChalsieChalsi, Chalsee“Chalice”
36. ChilamChilamm, Cheelam“Mistress of the Sea”
37. CheaCheah, Cheeah“Peaceful”
38. ChenxiChenxee, Chenxe“Morning Sun”
39. ChizueChizueh, Chizwe“Long Life Blessing”
40. ChulmiChulmee, Choolmi“Rich and Beautiful”
41. CoungCong, Coong“Brave”
42. ChamCham, Chamm“Dusk”
43. ChisaChisah, Cheesa“One Thousand Sands”
44. ChinglanChinglaan, Chinglan“Beautiful Orchid”
45. ChunmiChunmee, Choonmi“Spring Beauty”
46. ChaoxiangChaoxiang, Chaohxiang“Expecting Good Luck”
47. ChikeChike, Cheeke“Power of God”
48. Chu HuaChuhua, Choo Hua“Chrysanthemum”
49. ChenyueChenyue, Chenye“Moon in the Morning”
50. ChiakiChiaki, Cheeaki“Bright, Sparkling Light”

Thanks for exploring our unique list of 50 Asian baby girl names starting with C! We hope it’s given you plenty of inspiration and that you’ve found some truly meaningful names. Remember, naming your baby is an exciting journey, so don’t forget to check out more of our curated baby name lists to expand your options. Your perfect name could be just a click away!

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