50 Beautiful Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with Q

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Ever considered an Arabic baby name staring with Q for your little princess? It’s unique, exotic, and filled with deep meanings. Let’s dive into our list of 50 such gems waiting to be discovered.”

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with Q

Did you know there are some well-known figures who grace these names starting with Q? There’s Qamar, the talented Lebanese singer, and Qahtan, an influential Arabic poet. Each of these names carries its own charm, and who knows, maybe sharing a name with a notable personality might inspire your little one to greatness!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. QadiraKadiraCapable, Powerful
2. QamarQamraMoon
3. QasimaKasimaDistributor
4. QadriyyaQadiraFateful
5. QubilahKubilahAgreeable
6. QalbiKalbiMy Heart
7. QahirahKahirahConqueror
8. QamarinaQamarineMoonlight
9. QaniahKaniahContent
10. QarirahKarirahConstant, Persistent
11. QaysaraKaysaraHighest, Pure
12. QudsiyaQudsiaHoliness, Sacred
13. QamarunQamaroonMoonlight
14. QareenahKareenahCompanion
15. QailaKailaOne Who Speaks
16. QantaraKantaraBridge
17. QuadiraKadiraStrong
18. QaeedaKaeedaRuler, Leader
19. QuddusiyyahQuddusiaSanctified
20. QulzumKulzumOcean
21. QasidaKasidaPoem
22. QuraishaKuraishaTo Draw
23. QudrahKudrahPower
24. QuraybahKuraybahKin, Relation
25. QutaylahKutaylahShe was a Companion
26. Qurratu’l ainQurratulainSolace of the Eyes
27. QaylahKaylahTwo Women Companions
28. QuasarKwazarMeteor
29. QiratKiratBeautiful Recitation
30. QahtanKahtanName of a Tribe
31. QabalahKabalahResponsibility
32. QabilahKabilahAble, Efficient
33. QadimahKadimahAncient
34. QahiraKahiraVictorious, Conqueror
35. Qa’idahKa’idahLeader
36. QamayrKamayrShe was a Narrator of Hadith
37. QaymayriyahKamayriahShe was a Student
38. QudamahKudamahCourage
39. QaboolKaboolAccepted
40. QaifaKaifaEstimable
41. QatadahKatadahTree with Hard Wood
42. QutuzKutuzRescue
43. QamarJahanQamarJehanMoon of the World
44. QamraKamraMoon
45. QasoomahKasoomahShe was a Poetess
46. QaniaKaniaContent
47. QalbKalbHeart
48. QamaKamaFlame
49. QawayaKawayaStrong
50. QitmeerKitmeerSheep’s Fat

And there we have it, mamas! 50 captivating Arabic baby girl names starting with Q. Thank you for embarking on this naming journey with us. Feel the thrill of the hunt yet? Be sure to check out our other baby name lists for more fascinating ideas. Happy naming!

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