Uncover Unique Identity with 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with C

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There’s no joy like naming your little man! To help you in your quest, we’ve curated a list of 50 Asian Baby Boy Names starting with C. These names are a unique blend of cultural richness and individuality, perfect for your baby boy.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Did you know Chan Ho Park is the first South Korean-born player in Major League Baseball history? Or that Cheng Long, better known by his stage name Jackie Chan, has entertained audiences worldwide? These personalities not only made their names famous but also laid the path for future generations

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ChaoChau, ChawSurpassing
ChiChii, CheeBranch
ChienChein, ChyenSword
Chul-MooChul-MuIron warrior
ChinhChinRighteous, Proper
ChungChoongNoble, Wise
Chin-HwaChin-HuaMost Prosperous, Richest
Chin-MaeChin-MayTruthful Person
Choon-HeeChun-HeeSpring, Pleasure
Chul-SooChul-SuFirm, Long Life
CongKonIntelligent, Clever
CuongKuongFlourishing, Healthy
CanKahnMountain, Bold
CườngCuong, KuongHealthy, Strong
ChinhChinRighteous, Proper
Chu-HoChoo-Ho, Ju-HoJewel, Beneficial
CyunChyunCharming and intelligent
CuongKuongStrong, Healthy
CuifenCueifenEmerald Fragrance
ChunleiChoonleiSpring thunder
CixuanCixuangDeep affection
ChenguangChengwanMorning light
ChangpuChangpooFlourishing vine
ChangyingChangyinggFlourishing and lustrous
CuiKuiJade, Precious
ChunhuaChoonhuaSpring flower
ChuntaoChoontaoSpring Peach
ChunguiChungweIntelligent and honorable
CongKonIntelligent, Clever
ChaoxiangChaoxiengSurpassing in fragrance
CheungChangGood Luck
ChaoxiangChaoxiengSurpassing in fragrance
ChunqiuChunquiSpring and Autumn
CuifenCueifenEmerald Fragrance
ChenzhiChenzheeValuable and wise
ChunshengChunshenSpring birth
ChenzhuoChenzhuValuable and outstanding
ChangmingChangmenFlourishing brightness
ChaoxiangChaoxiengSurpassing common fragrance
ChangpuChangpooFlourishing vine

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with C! We hope that our list has inspired you and given you exciting ideas for your baby’s unique name. Here’s to a name that tells a beautiful story! Don’t forget to check out more of our insightful baby name idea lists on our site. We’re here to help you find the perfect name that resonates with your little one’s identity.

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