Explore These 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With R

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Hi there, mama-to-be! Have you thought about choosing an Arabic baby girl name starting with R for your little one? It’s unique, rich in meaning, and simply beautiful. Let’s delve into our carefully curated list of 50 such names and find the one that speaks to you.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with R

Some of the most successful women share these lovely names starting with R. Think of the accomplished Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama or Rabab Hashim, a renowned Pakistani actress. Sharing a name with these personalities might give your little one a confident start to her journey!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. RabiaRabeaFourth
2. RafiaRafiyaHigh, Sublime
3. RadwaRaduaContentment
4. RaniaRaniyaGazing
5. RahimaRahmaMerciful
6. RadiyaRadiaSatisfied, Content
7. RashaRashaYoung Gazelle
8. RimaRymaWhite Antelope
9. RidaRidhaContentment
10. RawiaRowiaStory Teller
11. RawdahRaudahGarden
12. RajaRajaHoping
13. RaynaRainaQueen
14. ReejaRijaHope
15. RifaRifahHigh
16. ReemReamGazelle
17. RouaRouaaSight, Vision
18. RukanRoukanSteady, Confident
19. RuzanRozanBright, Light
20. RaikaRaiqaInnocence, Purity
21. RozinaRazinaContent, Satisfied
22. RaisaRayisaLeader
23. RehanaRihanaSweet Basil
24. RimaRimaWhite Antelope
25. RiwaRewaBeutiful
26. RanaRonaGazing, Looking at
27. RozinRozanContent, Satisfied
28. RabailRabailA veil of flowers
29. RadeyahRadeyaContent, Satisfied
30. RanumRanoomLight of the eyes
31. RaheemaRaheemaCompassionate
32. RajwaRajwaaHope
33. RawdhaRawdaaGarden
34. RifaatRifaatDignity, High
35. RahilaRahelaOne who travels
36. RaaidaRaedahLeader
37. RuhiaRohiaA spiritual girl
38. RukiaRokiaCharming
39. RuaRoaVision
40. RaziaRaziahContent, Satisfied
41. RanahRanahGazing, looking at
42. RidaaRidaFavored by God
43. RukanRokanSteady, Confident
44. RaheeqRahiqNectar
45. RukainaRukaynaGentle
46. RamalRammalSand
47. RaunaqRonakBeauty, brightness
48. RabeeaRabiyaGarden
49. RasmiyaRasmiyahFormal, Ceremonial
50. RaheemahRaheemaCompassionate, merciful

And there you have it, your comprehensive list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with R. Thanks for taking this exciting journey with us. Still craving more? Don’t forget to explore our other lists for more extraordinary baby name ideas. Stay excited; you’re doing great!

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