50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with B to Spark Joy and Inspiration

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Hey mama-to-be! Choosing a baby’s name is one of the most special tasks ahead of you. Our list of 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with B might just hold the perfect name that embodies your little one’s spirit and future.

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with B

Famous figures like Bai Ling, the acclaimed Chinese-American actress, and BoA, the South Korean queen of K-Pop, carry Asian baby girl names starting with B. These names mirror their unique identities and inspire baby girls across the world.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BaeBay, BeiInspiration
BaoBao Bao, BeoPrecious, Treasure
BiyuBuiJade, Precious Gem
BingBing BingIce, Clear
BoBeau, BoaPrecious, Beautiful
BulanBula, BulannaThe Moon
BianBianni, BienSecretive, hidden
BonaBonna, BoniaGood, Virtuous
BoraBorra, BoriaPurple
BomiBommi, BomiaBeautiful, Pretty
ByeolByol, ByulStar
BaekBeak, BaiPure, White
BinhBin, BiniPeaceful
BabyBabi, BabieBaby
BetnaBetan, BetinaBeautiful, Elegant
BaozhaiBaozhay, BaozhaePrecious Hairpin
BaejinBaejinn, BaejeanInspiration
BanhuiBanhwi, BanhuyBright, Shining
BoramBoramm, BorahmAdorable, Lovely
BattariBhattari, BatareeGoddess
ByoungByoungg, ByoungieForever, Eternal
BurildaBhurilda, BorildaStar
BombyulBombyool, BombulStarlight
BicheBeeche, BycheShining
BhinnaBinnha, BhinahDifferent, Unique
BusaraBusarah, BusarraWisdom, Intelligence
BaiweiBaiway, BaiwaePrecious Rose
BulchiBhulchi, BholchiMoonlight
Bong-ChaBong-Chaa, Bong-ChiaThe Ultimate Girl
BannarBanar, BhannarFlag
BangjaBangjah, BangiaHelper, Companion
BunmeiBunmey, BunmayCivilized, Cultured
BimilBhimil, BemealSecret
BadawiBhadawi, BadauiDesert Dweller
BaiyunBaiyoon, BaiyunneWhite Cloud
Beom-SeokBeom-Seoc, Beom-SiokModel, Rule
Beo-JinBeo-Jinn, Beo-JeanPrecious Navigator
Bang-GeulBang-Geull, Bang-GiulCrescent
Bora-JinBora-Jinn, Bora-JeanPurple Treasure
Bum-SooBum-Su, Bum-SouStrong, Unbreakable
BitgaramBitgaramm, BitgarahmBright River
Byeol-HaByol-Ha, Byul-HaStar, Universe
Bae-JeongBae-Jeoung, Bae-JiongInspiration
Bak-MinBak-Minn, Bak-MinneDeep Roots
Bun-ChaBun-Chaa, Bun-ChiaUltimate Girl
BokyungBokyoon, BokyunggBright Honor
Bi-ChaBi-Chaa, Bi-ChiaThe Secret Girl
Byung-HoByung-Hou, Byung-HoeBright, Shining
Bak-HyeonBak-Hyeonn, Bak-HyeonieDeep Virtuous
Byeol-YiByol-Yi, Byul-YiStar

Thanks for exploring our list of 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with B! We hope it’s sparked some inspiration as you embark on this beautiful journey. Be sure to check out our other baby name lists for more captivating ideas. Happy naming!

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