50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with B: A Curated List for Modern Moms

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Choosing the perfect name for your little one is a unique journey, filled with love and meaning. If you’re drawn to Asian cultures like I am, you’re gonna love our curated list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with B.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with B

Did you know some of your favorite stars share these exquisite names? Take Byung-hun Lee, for example. This South Korean actor made waves in Hollywood with roles in “G.I. Joe” and “Terminator Genisys”. Or, world-renowned designer, Bruce Lee Luu, who’s known for his elegant style that perfectly blends Eastern and Western aesthetics.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. BaoBaojie, BaolongTreasure, Precious
2. BingBingwen, BingyiSoldier, Ice
3. BinhBinhy, BinhaPeace
4. BoBohui, BojingWaves, Precious
5. BaiBaijie, BailingPure, White
6. BanriBanrika, BanrinAll day, Eternity
7. BaishiBaishun, BaishoHundred of happiness
8. BeiBeijie, BeijiNorth, Inner
9. BenBenjiro, BenichiOriginal, Source
10. BunkoBunkio, BunkaCultural, Literature
11. ByungByung-ho, Byung-chulBright, Luminous
12. BenjiBenjio, BenjieBenevolent, Source
13. BokusuiBokusuiyo, BokusuijinFlowing water, Poetry
14. ButsuzōButsuzota, ButsuzoeBuddha image, Sculpture
15. BungakuBungakuya, BungakukoLiterature, Culture
16. BaekBaek-ho, Baek-hyunWhite, Pure
17. ByakurenByakurenu, ByakurenenWhite lotus, Purity
18. BunjiBunjie, BunjioCivilization, Culture
19. BaisongBaisongo, BaisongaHundred pine trees
20. Bon-HwaBon-Hwan, Bon-HwiGlorious, Flourishing
21. ByeongByeong-ho, Byeong-chulSoldier, Loyal
22. BeomBeom-su, Beom-seokModel, Rule
23. BossongBossongo, BossongaEternal pine tree
24. BinBinjie, BinyiRefinement, Polite
25. BokyoBokyoku, BokyonNorthern Capital
26. BeomsikBeomsika, BeomsikkoLaw-abiding, Rule
27. BishamonBishamona, BishamonoGod of War, Protector
28. ByungchanByungchana, ByungchaneBright, Luminous
29. BonseungBonseunga, BonseunguOrdinary, Normal
30. BonsanBonsana, BonsanoOrdinary, Normal
31. ByungjoonByungjoona, ByungjooniBright, Respectful
32. BaeBaek, BaenInspiration, Influence
33. BeonBeone, BeoniReadiness, Preparation
34. ByoungByounga, ByounguSoldier, Loyal
35. ByuckByucka, ByuckuBright, Luminous
36. BosongBosonga, BosongoEternal pine tree
37. BongBonga, BongoPhoenix, Mythical bird
38. ByungsooByungsooa, ByungsooiBright, Excellence
39. ByungminByungmina, ByungminiBright, Quick-witted
40. BankoBankoa, BankouEverlasting, Immortal
41. BaejeongBaejeonga, BaejeonguInfluence, Control
42. ByungkiByungkia, ByungkieBright, Opportunity
43. Byung-guByung-goo, Byung-gueLuminous, Valley
44. Byung-wooByung-wooa, Byung-woouBright, Divine intervention
45. Byung-hyunByung-hyuna, Byung-hyunuBright, Worthy, Virtuous
46. Bok-manBok-mana, Bok-manoNorth, Abundance
47. Byung-heeByung-heea, Byung-heeoLuminous, Enjoyment
48. BumBuma, BumuLiteracy, Culture
49. Byung-jinByung-jina, Byung-jinoLuminous, Precious
50. Bok-suBok-sua, Bok-suuNorthern, Longevity

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with B. We hope you found it inspiring! Remember, the perfect name for your baby boy is out there, waiting for you to discover it. Don’t be a stranger – feel free to explore more of our thoughtfully curated baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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