Explore 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with A: Tradition Meets Trend

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Hey there, momma! Choosing a name for your upcoming bundle of joy is an exciting journey. Dive in as we explore 50 captivating Asian baby boy names starting with A, blending deep-rooted tradition with a dash of modernity. You’re sure to find that one name that hits your heart just right!

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with A

From the big screen to the sports field, names beginning with ‘A’ have made their mark. Renowned actor Akira Terao of Japan and transformative artist Ai Weiwei from China beautifully embody the charm and strength of Asian names. Then, there’s Arata Izumi, the first naturalized Indian footballer who hails from Japan, showing that boys with these names can make headlines and influence culture.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AkioAkiyo, AkihoBright Man
AnAnh, AnanPeace
AidenAidan, AdenFire
AkiraAkirah, AkeiraBright, Clear
ArataArat, ArratFresh, New
AyumuAyumi, AyumWalk Dream, Vision
AsaAsah, AsaoMorning
AkiAkih, AkioBright, Autumn
AmanAmann, AmaanPeace, Trust
AtsushiAtsush, AtsuIndustrious, Warm
AkitoAkitoi, AkitoiBright Person
AnhAn, AnneIntellectual Brightness
AsukaAsuki, AsukahTomorrow Perfume, Fragrance
AnekoAnek, AnekahOlder Sister
AzumiAzumie, AzumeeSafe Residence
AtsuoAtsuoo, AtsouThick, Heavy
AkihikoAkihik, AkihicoBright Prince
AbhirojAbhir, AbhiFull of Light
AdityaAdit, AditayaSun
AadiAadey, AadieBeginning
AahvaAahv, AahvanaBeloved
AnikAnick, AniketSoldier
ArijitArijitt, ArijetWinning
AmarAmir, AmmarImmortal
AnandAnanda, AnnandHappiness
ArnavAranav, ArnaviOcean
AaravArav, ArravPeaceful
AjeetAjit, AjeetaUnconquerable
AmanpalAman, AmanpaulProtector of Peace
AkaldeepAkal, AkaldeipEternal Light
AnmolAnmole, AnmolliPriceless
AbhinavAbhinava, AbhinaveNew, Young
AtifAteef, AatifKind
ArifAriff, AreefKnowing
AsifAseef, AasifGather
AtaullahAta, AtaullaGift of God
AyazAyas, AyazeCool Breeze
AleemAlim, AleemmKnowledgeable
AasimAsim, AaseemRestrainer
AkmalAkmall, AcmalPerfect
ArshadArshadd, ArshaadRighteous
AsadAsaad, AsaddLion
AalimAleem, AlimmScholar
AzadAzaad, AzzadFree
AtiqAteeq, AtyqAncient
ArefinArefinn, ArefiinWisdom
ArmanArmen, ArmannWish, Hope
AaryanAryan, AryannNoble
AayanAyan, AyannGift of God
AvikAvikk, AvickFearless
AdishAdishh, AdisshFire
AahanAahann, AhannDawn, Sunrise

Thanks for embarking on this journey with us through unique and treasured names! We hope this list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with A has sparked your imagination, and maybe given you the perfect name for your little one. Remember, choosing a name is a significant step, so don’t rush! We have more baby name lists waiting for you so feel free to get inspired and explore more on our site. Happy naming!

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