50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with A: Discover Their Lovely Meanings

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Picking a name for your precious bundle of joy is one thrilling ride, isn’t it? Get ready to embark on a beautiful journey exploring 50 Asian baby girl names starting with A – each one unique, meaningful, and ready to inspire!

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with A

Dive into a little history and culture with our list! Acclaimed Asian-American author Amy Tan holds a name beginning with A, enchanting readers with her heartfelt stories. Then there’s the multitalented Aaliyah Haughton, whose artistry in music still touches hearts today!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. AikoAikkō, AikkoChild of Love
2. AiriAiry, AyriLove Jasmine
3. AkariAkaree, AkaryLight, Brightness
4. AkikoAkikko, AkeekoBright Child
5. AmayaAmayah, AmayiaNight Rain
6. AnzuAnzoo, AnsuApricot
7. ArisaArisah, ArysaThere is Sand
8. AsaAsah, AhsaMorning
9. AsamiAssami, AsameeMorning Beauty
10. AsukaAskah, AsucaTomorrow Perfume, Bird
11. AyakaAykah, AiyakaColorful Flower
12. AyanoAyanah, AyannoMy Design
13. AzumiAzume, AzumeeSafe Residence
14. AinaAinah, AynaView, Sight
15. AimiAimée, AimieBeautiful Love
16. AkenoAkenoe, AkenohSunrise field
17. AobaAubah, AobaGreen Leaves
18. AoiAo, AoeHollyhock
19. AsukoAskoe, AsokoeChild of Tomorrow
20. AnekoAniko, AnekoeOlder Sister
21. ArinArinn, ArynForest of Laughter
22. AyaAy, AyahDesign
23. AyumiAyumee, AyumWalk, Depth and Truth
24. AkyraAkirah, AkyrahBright, Clear
25. AnekoAniko, AniekoOlder Sister
26. AkiraAkyrah, AakiraClear, Bright
27. AmiAmie, AmmiFriend
28. AnzuAhnzu, AnsuApricot
29. AkaneAkanee, AkaaneBrilliant Red
30. AsakoAsakoe, AsakoMorning Child
31. AkemiAkemme, AkemiBright Beautiful
32. AikoAikkō, AykoChild of Love
33. AsamiAsamy, AsamieMorning Beauty
34. AyaneAyaneh, AyanaColorful Sound
35. AkikoAkikko, AkikoeBright Child
36. AoiAoie, AoyHollyhock
37. AkiAkee, AkiyBright, Autumn
38. AyakaAyakah, AyakkaColorful Flower
39. AzumiAzumie, AzumeeSafe Residence
40. AyumiAyume, AyumyPeaceful and Beautiful
41. ArisaArisah, ArisaeExistence Sand
42. AmayaAmayah, AmayyaNight Rain
43. AiriAirie, AeiriLove Jasmine
44. AkariAkarri, AkarriLight, Brightness
45. AiAie, AyLove, Affection
46. AriArie, AreeAnt, Lily
47. AsukaAsuca, AskaTomorrow, ToFly
48. AinaAinah, AyinaView, Sight
49. AkaneAkanee, AkanehBrilliant Red
50. AkenoAkenoh, AkenoeSunrise Field

Thanks for joining us on this wonderful journey through 50 Asian baby girl names starting with A. We hope you found inspiration and maybe even the perfect name for your little one! For more creative and meaningful baby name ideas, be sure to explore our other lists – we’re here to make your naming journey as exciting as possible!

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