50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with J to Make Your Baby Stand Out

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Choosing a baby’s name is one of the most exciting journey every expecting mother embarks on. Our list of 50 Asian baby boy names beginning with J is packed with unique, meaningful names that offer a beautiful blend of East and West.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with J

From the big screen in Hollywood to successful entrepreneurs, there are numerous notable people with Asian baby boy names starting with J. A standout example is Jet Li, the acclaimed martial artist and actor, beloved by audiences globally.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JaeJay, JaiRespect
JinJinn, JynnGold
JoonJun, JuneTalented
JihoJi-Ho, JeehoWisdom, Intellect
JungJoung, JongRighteous
JiJee, JeIntellect
JisooJi-Soo, JisouWisdom and Longevity
JiwonJi-Won, JiwonnHope and Grace
JinhoJin-Ho, JynhoTruth and Benevolence
JoongJong, JoonCenter
JaewonJae-Won, JaiwonRespect and Grace
JiseongJi-Seong, JiseungWisdom and Success
JunhoJun-Ho, JunhoeTalented and Benevolent
JinyoungJin-Young, JinyongForever Prosperous
JonghoJong-Ho, JonghoeRighteous and Benevolent
JunsuJun-Su, JunsueTalented and Longevity
JinhwanJin-Hwan, JinwhanGold and Shining
JonghyunJong-Hyun, JonghyeonRighteous and Brave
JongupJong-Up, JonguppRighteous and Rising
JunghwanJung-Hwan, JunghuwanRighteous and Shining
JunseokJun-Seok, JunseockTalented and Stone
JaeminJae-Min, JaeminnRespect and Clever
JinyeongJin-Yeong, JinnyeongForever Brave
JongseokJong-Seok, JongseockRighteous and Stone
JunmoJun-Mo, JunmoeTalented and Dawn
JongminJong-Min, JongmihnRighteous and Clever
JiwoongJi-Woong, Jee WoongHome of Wisdom
JongwookJong-Wook, JongwoockGentle and Righteous
JeonghunJeong-Hun, JeounghunRighteous and Kind
JooyongJoo-Yong, JooyungLong-lasting Courage
JongwoonJong-Woon, JongwoonRighteous and Cloud
JihoonJi-Hoon, JihuneWisdom and Favor
JoonhyukJoon-Hyuk, June HyukTalented and Virtuous
JunmyeonJun-Myeon, JunmyunTalented and Tender
JungkookJung-Kook, JungcookRighteous Nation
JinkiJin-Ki, JinkyGold and Energy
JoonmyunJoon-Myun, JoonmyeonTalented and Gentle
JaeheonJae-Heon, JaiheonRespect and Favor
JisungJi-Sung, JiseungWisdom and Success
JungnamJung-Nam, JungnamRighteous and South
JuminJu-Min, JuminnAbundance and Clever
JunseongJun-Seong, JunsungTalented and Success
JeonggukJeong-Guk, JeounggukRighteous Nation
JoochanJoo-Chan, JoochahnOutstanding and Bright
JisukJi-Suk, JisuckWisdom and Stone
JoonsangJoon-Sang, JoonsahngTalented and Mutual
JunghoonJung-Hoon, JunghunRighteous and Favor
JunbumJun-Bum, JunbeomTalented and Model
JooheonJoo-Heon, JoohunSuperior and Favor
JiwonJi-Won, JiwonnWisdom and Destiny

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey and exploring our list of 50 Asian baby boy names starting with J. We hope you found inspiration for your little one’s special name. Don’t forget to check out our other lists for more unique baby name ideas. Your perfect baby name is only a click away!

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