50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with I: Symbolizing Strength and Prosperity

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Who doesn’t want their little prince to have a name that’s unique, culturally rich, and tells a captivating tale of its own? As an expecting mom, I’ve curated a list of ’50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with I’ to inspire you on your journey to find that perfect name!

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with I

You might be surprised to discover the number of influential figures with Asian baby boy names starting with ‘I’. For instance, Ichiro Suzuki, a world-renowned Japanese athlete, and Issey Miyake, a famous Japanese fashion designer, have made significant contributions to sports and fashion respectively.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IsaoIsaoa, IsaouHonor; Esteemed
IchiroIchirou, IchiruFirst son
IkuoIkuya, IkuouTo grow light
ItsukiItsukia, ItsukieTree
IsamuIsamuo, IsamauCourage
IoriIorie, IoryWeaving
ImanImana, ImanuFaith
IppeiIppea, IppieOne peace
IzumiIzumie, IzumiaFountain, spring
IsseyIsseya, IsseyeFirst born
IkkoIkkou, IkkoeOne light
IzanagiIzanagie, IzanagiaMan who invites
InoueInouea, InoueyAbove the well
ItachiItachia, ItachieWeasel
IwaoIwaoa, IwaouRock man
IzayoiIzayoia, IzayoiuSixteenth night (of the lunar month)
IsseyIsseya, IsseyuFirst-born son
IkuyaIkuyu, IkuyiBright person
IsokaIsokau, IsokaiBeach, shore
IzanIzana, IzanuTo invite
ItouItoua, ItoueThread, yarn
IchiIchia, IchieOne
IeyasuIeyasua, IeyasueHouse peace
IsokoIsokoe, IsokooBeach, shore
IemitsuIemitsua, IemitsueCommand, order
InazumaInazumaa, InazumaeLightning
IenariIenaria, IenarieHousehold to become accustomed
IchikawaIchikawaa, IchikawaeOne river
IttetsuIttetsua, IttetsueOne iron
IsaoIsaou, IsaooHonor, merit
IekazuIekazua, IekazuuHouse harmony
IzumoIzumoo, IzumoeExits the cloud
IemochiIemochia, IemochieHousehold possession
InokiInokia, InokieFig tree
ItsuoItsuoa, ItsuoeStrong willed man
ImanishiImanishia, ImanishieNew west
IsorokuIsorokua, IsorokuuFifty six
IenobuIenobua, IenobuuHousehold trust
IehiroIehiroa, IehirouHouse widespread
InabaInabaa, InabauRice leaf
IwamuraIwamuraa, IwamurauVillage in a rock
ItsukoItsukoa, ItsukouChild of five
IkkeiIkkeia, IkkeiuOne celebration
ImamuraImamuraa, ImamurauVillage in the present
IyozaneIyozanea, IyozaneeGeneration purity
IwasakiIwasakia, IwasakieStone cape
IkomaIkomaa, IkomauLiving horse
IzawaIzawaa, IzawauSwamp valley
InouyeInouyea, InouyeuAbove the well

Thank you for joining us in exploring these ’50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with I’. We hope this list sparks creativity and guides you towards choosing your baby boy’s perfect name. For more beautiful name suggestions, make sure to check out our other baby name lists on our site. Happy name hunting!

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