50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with I: A Blend of Charm and Grace

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Choosing a name for your little one is like embarking on a thrilling treasure hunt. If you’re looking for something unique and charming, our list of 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with I might just be the map to your treasure!

Notable People With Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with I

It’s fascinating to see how names can resonate with a person’s identity. For instance, Izumi Sakai, a renowned Japanese pop singer, and Iman (pronounced Ee-mahn), a globally recognized Asian supermodel, both carry names starting with ‘I’. Their accomplished lives add a rich legacy to these exquisite names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IsakoIska, IsakMeanings can vary, a common one is “Sand child”
IkuyoIku, Kuyo“Grow up in the world”
IzumiIzu, Izmi“Fountain, spring”
IchikaIchi, Ichik“One thousand flowers”
ItsukoItsu, Tsuko“Five child”
IbukiIbu, Buki“Breath, vigor”
IwaiIwa, Wai“Celebration”
InariIna, Nari“Carrying rice”
IzanamiIzana, Zanami“She who invites”
InoueInou, Oue“Above the well”
IppeiIppe, Pei“One peace”
IchihoIchi, Iho“One step”
IsseyIss, Sey“One for all”
ItsukiItsu, Tsuki“Tree”
IridaIri, Rida“Coming from Iraq”
IrieIri, Ire“Blessing, favor”
InokoIno, Noko“Boar child”
ImakoIma, Mako“Present child”
IsuiIsu, Sui“Fountain water”
ItohanaIto, Hana“Thread flower”
IkunaIku, Na“Fragrance of the rising sun”
ImaeIma, Mae“Present favor”
IrumaIru, Ma“Entering horse”
ItokoIto, Ko“Thread child”
IshikaIshi, Ka“Stone flower”
IyonaIyo, Na“Salty vegetable”
IwonaIwo, Na“Stone vegetable”
IzunaIzu, Na“Fox”
IkenoIke, No“Pond field”
InahoIna, Ho“Ear of rice”
IbanaIba, Na“Flowering thorn”
IsaraIsa, Ra“Freedom, liberty”
InayaIna, Ya“Gift of God”
InikoIni, Ko“Child born in troubled times”
ItanaIta, Na“Thread vegetable”
IriyaIri, Ya“Enter the valley”
IpudaIpu, Da“Bottle rice field”
ItamaeIta, Mae“Front of the board”
ItsumiItsu, Mi“Beautiful light”
InazumaIna, Zuma“Lightning”
ItachiIta, Chi“Weasel”
IttetsuItt, Etsu“One iron”
InokoIno, Ko“Boar child”
IsokoIso, Ko“Beach child”
IbaraIba, Ra“Thorn”
IsaoIsa, Ao“Honor, merit”
IchiroIchi, Ro“First son”
IsamuIsa, Mu“Bravery, courage”
IrinaIri, Na“Peace”
IshiIsh, Shi“Stone”
IzanagiIza, Nagi“He who invites”

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Asian Baby Girl Names Starting with I. We hope it has provided some inspiration in your quest for the perfect name. Remember, every name holds a world of potential. Feel free to explore our other baby name lists to discover even more unique and meaningful options. Happy naming!

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