50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With Y: Find a Great Fit

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Choosing your baby’s name is one of the most thrilling parts of the journey to motherhood. If you’re drawn towards the poetic beauty of Arabic names, our list of 50 baby girl names starting with Y is your go-to guide, packed with delightful choices.

Notable People With Arabic Names Starting With Y

Names beginning with ‘Y’ have graced many remarkable individuals. Yasmine Hamdan, a Lebanese singer-songwriter, brought a modern twist to Arabic music, captivating audiences worldwide. Yasmeen Ghauri, a Canadian supermodel of Pakistani and German descent, made waves in the fashion world in the 90s. Lastly, Yasmin Le Bon, an English model of Iranian and English heritage, dominated the fashion world, further establishing the elegance of names starting with Y.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
YasminYasmeen, YasmineJasmine Flower
YaraYarah, IaraSmall Butterfly
YusraYoussra, YousraEase, Prosperity
YaraaYara, IaraGazing Upon
YalinaYalenaSoft, Gentle
YammYamiSea, Ocean
YumnYumnaGood Fortune
YanaYanna, IanaGod is Gracious
YasnaYassnaIt Shines
YamamaYammamaWild Dove
YazminYasmin, YasmineJasmine Flower
YumikoYumikaChild of the Sea
YufnaYufnahAllowing, Agreeing
YafiyaYafiaLofty, Sublime
YaganaYaganahUnique, Unprecedented
YahrubaYahrubahGold Piece
YaqizaYaqizahAwake, Alert
YajilaYajilahBeauty, Elegance
YalqootYalqutAn early woman who gave much in charity
YalaaYalaSuccessor, Winner
YaminaYamenaRight, Proper
YanisYanesSympathy, Affection
YaqizaYaqizahVigilant, Awake
YamilaYamilahBeautiful, Elegant
YasiraYasirahCaptivating, Enchanting
YufnaYufnahAllowing, Agreeing
YuminaYuminahBlessed, Fortunate
YuktaYuktaaBounded with Goddess Lakshmi Charms
YakshaYakshahSister of Daksha
YastiYastihSlim, Slender
YaraYarahWater Lady
YameenaYaminahRight, Suitable
YalaaYalahSuccessor, Winner

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with Y. Naming your little one is a beautiful journey filled with emotion and excitement. We hope our list has provided some inspiration. For more creative baby name ideas, be sure to explore our other lists on our site. Happy naming!

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