50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Y To Explore

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Choosing a name for your precious little one is an exciting journey filled with love and anticipation. As you dive into the rich tapestry of Arabic baby boy names starting with Y, you’ll discover a world of uniqueness, strength, and profound meaning.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With Y

Did you know popular singer-songwriter Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, carries a beautiful Arabic name starting with Y? Olympic medalist and heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Yazid Zouaimia is another influential figure bearing an Arabic name with Y.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. YaseenYasin, Yasen“Rich, Ease”
2. YaqubYa’qoob, Yaqoob“Supplanter”
3. YazidYazeed, Yazed“Increasing”
4. YahyaYahiah, Yahyah“John, The Lord is Gracious”
5. YamanYamen, Yamin“Blessed, Auspicious”
6. YameenYamin, Yamein“Right, Proper”
7. YusufYoussef, Yousuf“God Will Add”
8. YaqeenYakeen, Yaquin“Certainty, Truth”
9. YazeerYazer, Yazir“Helper, Supporter”
10. YasirYasser, Yassir“Wealthy, Easy”
11. YushuaYoushua, Yusha“God is Salvation”
12. YasimYaseem, Yasem“Famous, Renown”
13. YasarYaser, Yaaser“Affluent, Ease”
14. YamirYameer, Yameir“Moon”
15. YusairYousair, Youser“Ease, Comfort”
16. YanisYaniss, Yanees“God is Gracious”
17. YafirYafeer, Yafier“The One Who Wins”
18. YasarogluYasroglu, Yaseroglu“Son of the affluent”
19. YabirYabeer, Yabyr“Comfort, Ease”
20. YounisYunus, Younes“Dove”
21. YaaqooYako, Yakoo“Supplanter”
22. YalaaYalae, Yalia“Exalted, High”
23. YasribYasreb, Yasrab“Old name of the city Medina”
24. YatimYateem, Yateim“Orphan”
25. YazdanYezdan, Yuzdan“Merciful, Kind”
26. YaqzanYaqzen, Yaqzin“Awake, Alert”
27. YawerYauer, Years“Helper, Assistant”
28. YagizYajiz, Yaghiz“Handsome, Good-looking”
29. YazoonYazoun, Yazon“One Who Succeeds”
30. YasarogullariYasrogullari, Yasarogulari“Sons of the affluent”
31. YaslamYasslam, Yasslem“Safe, Secure”
32. YadullahYadeullah, Yadeollah“Hand of God”
33. YawmYawem, Yawum“Day”
34. YaqootYaqut, Yaquth“Ruby, Garnet”
35. YaghnamYaghnum, Yaghnim“Bin Anas: was a well-known Sahabi (companion of the prophet)”
36. YaktaYaktha, Yakhtah“Unique, Unparalleled”
37. YameenahYaminah, Yamineh“Right, Proper”
38. YaminahYamineh, Yameeneh“Blessed, Auspicious”
39. YazdanpanahYazdanpaneh, Yazdanpanha“God’s Blessing”
40. YarmoukYarmook, Yarmuk“Name of a river in Jordan”
41. YazinYazen, Yazine“One Who Succeeds”
42. YahsaratYahserat, Yehsarat“Ease, Comfort”
43. YakjahYakjha, Yakzah“A guiding star”
44. YarYeer, Yehr“Friend, Companion”
45. YavuzYavz, Yavize“Strict, Stern”
46. YawadYewad, Yewd“Giving, Generous”
47. YonanYonun, Yonin“Dove”
48. YasharYeshar, Yashir“Straight, Righteous”
49. YushaitaaYushaytaa, Yushita“One who spreads or grants prosperity”
50. YaqinYakin, Yakine“Certainty, Conviction”

We thank you for embarking on this journey with us as you explore the beautiful realm of Arabic baby boy names starting with Y. From cultural connotations to powerful personalities, each name carries its own charm. Feel inspired? Continue your exploration with more of our curated baby name idea lists right here on our site. Remember, the perfect name for your little one is just around the corner!

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