A Gift of Love: 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with L

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Hey there, Mama! We know that naming your little princess is a big deal. That’s why we’ve compiled this beautiful list of 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with L, bringing you one step closer to finding that perfect name rich in culture and meaning.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with L

Arabic names beginning with ‘L’ are shared by some remarkable figures. For instance, Leila Khaled, a prominent Palestinian activist; Lamees Al Hadidi, a renowned Egyptian journalist; and Leena Nair, the first female and youngest ever CHRO at Unilever. These women, famous in their respective fields, can be your baby’s namesake and source of inspiration.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LaylaLeila, Leyla, LailaNight
LamisLameesSoft to the touch
LinaLeena, LenaTender
LubnaLobnaStorax tree
LatifaLateefa, LatifahGentle, kind
LamaaLama, LamaahBrightness
LeenLien, LeanTender
LailaLeila, LaylaNight
LayalLayla, Leil, LeilaNights
LabeebaLabiba, LabibahWise, intelligent
LamaatLamatTwinkling, shimmering
LamiyahLamia, LamyaDark-lipped
LanaLanah, LannahSoft, tender
LatimahLatima, LatemahSubtle, kind
LubabahLubaba, LobabaThe innermost essence
LujaynahLujaina, LujaynaSilver
LuthfiyahLoothfiya, LuthfiaKind, gentle
LiwaaLewa, LiwaBanner, flag
LiyanaLeana, LeyanaSoft, tender
LujainahLujayna, LujainaSilver
LatakiaLattakia, LatakyaName of a city in Syria
LayyinahLayyina, LeyyinahSoft, tender
LabaikaLabayka, LabaikahHere I am
LahmamLahma, LahmahMeat
LajlajLajlaaj, LajlaajahOne of Prophet’s companions
LabidahLabida, LobidahTaste
LaaibahLaibah, La’ibahMost Deserving of Wishes
LatafatLatafet, LatafathElegance, grace
LuzmaLozma, LuzmahBone marrow
LayanLeyan, LayaneSoft, gentle
LayinaLeyina, LayenaSoft, gentle
LadiyahLadiya, LadeyahCaviar
LaheemLaheam, LaheamahJawbone
LaheefLaheaf, LaheafahTouch, feel
LabeeqahLabeeqa, LabiqahIntelligent, sensible
LazimahLazeemah, LazimahEssential, needed
LabanahLabana, LobanahYogurt
LaanaLana, LaanahWool
LaibaLayba, LeybaAngel of heaven
LafeefahLafeefa, LafifaFine, subtle
LaaqibLaakib, LaaqibahFollowing, subsequent
LailakLeylak, LaylakLilac
LamahatLamaha, LamahatGlances
LayalinaLeyalina, LayalenaOur nights
LayyinaLayina, LeyyinaSoft, gentle
LathikaLathika, LatheekaHidden, mysterious
LutfanaLutfaana, LotfanaKind, gentle

As we wrap up, we want to thank you for exploring our unique list of 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with L. Naming your baby is a splendid journey and we are excited to be a part of yours. To discover more unique and meaningful names, do check out our other baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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