50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With M For Future Leaders

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Welcome to the magical journey of naming your baby boy! If Arabic names charm you with their deep meanings and cultural roots, our list of 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with M is the perfect place to find your son’s name.

Notable People With Arabic Names Starting With M

Names beginning with ‘M’ have been carried by many distinguished individuals. Mohamed Salah, the globally renowned Egyptian soccer player, continues to enchant football fans worldwide. Mahershala Ali, an American actor with a rich Arabic name, has won several accolades for his stellar performances. Musician Mounir Troudi, with his stunning Arabic name, brings the vibrant rhythms of Tunisia to the world stage.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MajidMajeed, MajdGlorious
MustafaMostafaThe Chosen One
MalikMalek, MalickKing
MuhammedMuhammad, MohamedPraiseworthy
MazinMazzin, MazeenProper, Excellent
MahmoudMahmood, MahmutPraiseworthy
MansourMansur, ManzurVictorious
MubarakMobarak, MubarackBlessed
MaazMa’azRefuge, Shelter
MunirMonir, MuneerLuminous
MakramMikram, MekramGenerous, Noble
MuradMourad, MuraadDesire, Wish
MazharMuzhir, MuzzherManifestation
MufeedMofeed, MoofidUseful
MurtazaMurtadha, MortazaApproved, Pleasing
MukhtarMokhtar, MuqtarChosen
ManafManaaf, MunaafHigh, Lofty
MisbahMisbahh, MisbahuhLamp, Light
MiskMissk, MuyskMusk
MuhayminMuhaimin, MuhaymeenGuardian
MahirMaher, MahyrSkilled
MuhannadMohannad, MuhanadSword
MutasimMoutasim, MotasemAdhering to faith
MukarramMucarram, MokarramHonored
MuadhMu’adh, MuadProtected
MuneerMounir, MunirIlluminating, Shining
MujaddidMujadid, MujadiddRenewer
MukhlisMokhlis, MuhklisSincere
MuhibMohib, MuhibbLover
MuhsinMohsin, MuhsenBeneficent
MuwafaqMowafaq, MuwaffaqSuccessful
MuflihMufleh, MuflehSuccessful
MuthannaMuthana, MothannaDouble, Twice
MuhairMuhayr, MuhayirSkilled, Able
MuntasirMontaser, MuntasirVictorious
MukhlesMokhles, MukhlisDevoted, Sincere
MatinMateen, MoteenFirm, Solid
MuhaiminMohaimin, MuhayminProtector
MujeebMugeeb, MojeebResponsive
MuqaddimMuqadim, MuqadumPromoter
MoradMourad, MuradDesire
MuhyiMohyi, MuhaiGiver of Life
MutaMouta, MuutaObeyed
MuwaffaqMowafaq, MuafaqSuccessful
MuntasirMontaser, MuntasirAssistor
MuttaqiMutaqy, MutaquiPious

Thank you for diving into our selection of 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with M. We wish you an exciting and meaningful journey as you decide on the perfect name for your son. For more unique and inspiring baby name ideas, we invite you to explore our other name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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