50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with M: Unveil the Magic

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Hey, mama-to-be! Naming your baby girl is an exhilarating journey, one filled with joy, anticipation, and discoveries. So, let’s set sail together into the captivating world of Arabic names starting with M, and find that one perfect name for your little sunshine.

Notable People with Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with M

You might be surprised at the noteworthy figures bearing Arabic names starting with ‘M’. For instance, Malak, an Arabic name meaning ‘angel,’ is shared by Malak Zahwi, a renowned Syrian actress. Maha, meaning ‘wild gazelle,’ graces Maha Alasaker, a celebrated Kuwaiti photographer making waves in New York’s art scene.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. MahaMahaaResembling a wild deer
2. MarwaMarwahFragrant, A mountain in Mecca
3. MaryamMariam, MeriemArabic form of Mary
4. MonaMunaWishes, Desires
5. MalakMalika, MaleekaAngel
6. MadihaMadeeha, MadihahPraiseworthy
7. MariyaMariah, MeryaPure, Beloved
8. MaissaMayssaWalking with a proud gait
9. MuniraMoneeraIlluminating, Bright
10. MaysaMaysaaTo walk with a swaying gait
11. ManaalManalAchievement, Attainment
12. MyriamMiriamLady, Mistress
13. MinnaMennaLove
14. MarjanMarjaanCoral
15. MaramMaraamWish, Aspiration
16. MalikaMaleeka, MelikaQueen
17. MajidaMajeeda, MajidahGlorious
18. MahraMahrahSkilled
19. MaidaMaydaDistinguished
20. MehzarMezharFlower Blossom
21. MufidaMofidaBeneficial
22. MerwaMarwaA mountain in Mecca
23. MurjanahMurjanaCoral
24. MubinaMubinahEvident, Clear
25. MalakMalekAngel
26. MisraMizraLike a Light, Dawn
27. MunaMonaWishes
28. MaimunahMaimoonahFortunate, Blessed
29. MeeraMiira, MyraPrincess
30. MonifaMoniffa, MenifaUnique
31. MasirahMaseerahHappy, Lucky
32. MuhjahMuhjaHeart’s Blood, Soul
33. MaridhaMaridahDesiring, Wishing
34. MunyaMounyaHeart’s Desire, Wish
35. MawiyahMawiyaThe essence of life
36. MonaMonaaNoble, Aristocratic
37. MaidaMaydaMaiden
38. MadiaMadyaPraiseworthy
39. MunaMoonahWish, Desire
40. MaysunMaysounHas a beautiful face
41. MasoomaMasumaInnocent, Sinless
42. MaidaMaydaTable spread, feast
43. MinhaMenhaGift from Allah
44. MahreenMahrinBright and Beautiful as the sun
45. MunifaMoneefaEminent, Exalted
46. MaleekaMalika, MelikaQueen, Sovereign
47. MaridahMareedaAccepting, Willing
48. MuqtadirahMuqtadiraCapable, Able
49. MuminaMominaBeliever
50. MishaalMishalTorch, Light

Thank you for joining us on this enchanting journey through Arabic baby girl names starting with M. We hope this list has both inspired you and brought you closer to selecting a beautiful and meaningful name for your soon-to-be princess. Don’t forget to explore more exciting baby name ideas on our site!

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