50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with N: Novel Name Ideas

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Selecting the perfect name for your little one is a journey full of discovery and excitement. Let’s embark on a magical adventure into the realm of Arabic baby boy names starting with N, finding that one special name that resonates with you.

Notable People with Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with N

There’s a range of prominent figures who share Arabic baby boy names starting with ‘N’. Nabil Ayouch is a globally known Moroccan film director, Naseer Shamma is an acclaimed Iraqi musician, and Nizar Qabbani was a highly respected Syrian diplomat and poet. These names carry a legacy of creativity and resilience, making them an inspiring choice.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. NabilNabeel, NabeilNoble
2. NahidNahyd, NaheedElevated, Generous
3. NaseerNasir, NaserHelper, Protector
4. NaimNa’im, NaeemComfort, Ease
5. NadirNader, NadeerRare, Precious
6. NizarNazaar, NazerLittle
7. NidalNedaal, NedaalStruggle, Fight
8. NafisNafees, NafeesePrecious, Valuable
9. NuhNooh, NoohRest, Peace
10. NurNoor, NoureLight
11. NahyanNahyaan, NahiyanStopper, the one who says to avoid
12. NasrNaser, NasserVictory, Help
13. NamirNumair, NumeerLeopard
14. NuradinNooruddin, NooradinLight of the faith
15. NassirNasser, NasirProtector, Supporter
16. NayefNaif, NayifElevated, High
17. NawafNawwaf, NawaafGenerous
18. NuhaidNuhaad, NohaidBig, High
19. NurullahNoorullah, NourullahLight of Allah
20. Ni’matNi’mah, Ne’matBlessings, Boons
21. NabhanNabhaan, NabeenNoble, Outstanding
22. NadeemNadeim, NadeemeFriend, Companion
23. NailNa’il, Na-ilAcquirer, Earner
24. NadhirNather, NadherWarner, Bright
25. NassarNasser, NasarHelper
26. NaseefNaseif, NaseeifJust, Appropriate
27. NajiNagi, NageeSurvivor
28. NaajyNaajee, NaajiSafe
29. NuhairNuhayr, NohairLight, Radiance
30. NadqNadk, NadekGenerosity
31. NumanNouman, NoomanBlood, Red
32. NafeesNafis, NafiseRefined, Pure
33. NawarNawer, NauerBlossom, Flower
34. NadeerNader, NadhirRare, Unique
35. NaseemNasim, NaseemeBreeze
36. NajibNajeb, NagebNoble
37. NatherNater, NatheerRare, Unique
38. NayalNael, NailAchiever
39. NasheetNaseet, NasheethEnergetic, Agile
40. NasseemNassem, NassimeBreeze, Fresh air
41. NadeerNader, NaadirRare, Unique
42. NayefNaaif, NaaefExalted, High
43. Na’eemNaeem, Na’imComfort, Ease
44. NawfalNaufal, NawfahlGenerous, Old Arabic name for the sea
45. NadhirNather, NathirWarner, Bright
46. NasriNaseri, NasseryMy victory, My support
47. NadidNadeed, NadiedGenerous, Handsome
48. NaseeruddinNaseer-ud-din, NaseruddinHelper of the religion (Islam)
49. NizamuddinNizam-ud-din, NizamuddinArrangement of the religion (Islam)
50. NayyarNayar, NaiyerBright star, Sun
Thank you for exploring this journey of naming with us. We hope our list of 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with ‘N’ has sparked your imagination and brought you one step closer to finding the perfect name for your little superstar. Remember, there’s a world of baby name ideas waiting for you on our site. Keep exploring, and enjoy every moment of this special journey.

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