Explore These 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With O

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Hello there, soon-to-be mom! Finding the perfect name for your baby girl is a joyous journey! Let’s dive into the beautiful and rich world of Arabic names with our list of 50 baby girl names starting with O.

Notable Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting With O

Several notable women have been graced with beautiful Arabic names starting with O. For instance, Oscar-nominated actress Olga Kurylenko and renowned author Orhan Pamuk’s daughter, Öykü. These names carry a legacy of strength, beauty, and success.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OmaimaUmayma, UmeymaLittle Mother
OlaUla, OllaFirst Light of Sunrise
OzraUzra, OzrahVirgin, Maiden
OmniaUmniah, OmneyaWish, Desire
OmairaUmaira, UmairahRed
OnaizaUnaiza, OneizaSheep, Goat
OsraUsra, UsrahLight of Dawn
OulayaUlaya, OulayahHigh, Exalted
OdetaUdet, OdettaField of Poppies
OfiraUfira, OfirahGold
OmeraUmera, OmairahLong Life
OsturaUsturah, OosturaRich, Wealthy
OniaUnia, OniahAnemone Flower
OkalaniOkalini, OkalaneHeaven
OrendaUrenda, OrendahMagic Power
OlindaUlinda, OlindahProtector of Property
OrindaUrinda, OrindahBeautiful Light
OdenaUdena, OdenahFire
OtheliaUthelia, OtheliahWealth
OmaUma, OmahLife Giver
OxanaUxana, OxanahHospitality
OvidiaUvidia, OvidiahSheperd
OzaraUzara, OzarahWealthy Woman
OdeeliaUdeelia, OdeeliahPraise
OrmaUrma, OrmahPalm Tree
OyanaUyana, OyanahEternal Journey
OvadiaUvadia, OvadiahServant of God
OrahUrah, OraLight
OrliUrli, OrleeLight is Mine
OmarrUmarr, OmarrhFirst Born
OrellaUrella, OrellaAnnouncement from God
ObeliaUbelia, ObelliaPillar of Strength
OdeliaUdelia, OdelliaPraise
OnitaUnita, OneetaGrace
OlexaUlexa, OlexahDefender of Mankind
OttaviaUttavia, OctaviaBorn Eighth
OmyraUmyra, OmyrahRed
OdelinaUdelina, OdelinahLittle Wealthy One
OfeliaUfelia, OpheliaAid, Help
OrinaUrina, OrinahPeace
OriaUria, OriahGold
OritUrit, OritahLight
OmniaUmniah, OmniahWish, Desire
OrsaUrsa, OrsahLittle Bear
OmaraUmara, OmarahFlourishing, Thriving
OleanaUleana, OleannahOleander Tree
OctaviaUctavia, OctaviahEighth
OnidaUnida, OnidahThe One Searched For
OrpheaUrphea, OrpheahDarkness of Night
OniUni, OnieWanted
OphiraUfira, OphirahGold
OrvaUrva, OrvahGolden
OleviaUlevia, OleviahOlive Branch
OdaraUdara, OdarahDashing, Beautiful

Thank you for exploring with us on this delightful journey of finding the perfect name. We hope our list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with O has been inspiring. Don’t stop here; continue your quest by checking out more baby name idea lists on our site. Embrace the joy of naming!

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