Discover 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With O

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Hey, mama-to-be! Choosing a name for your little one is a special journey. Our list of 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with O combines tradition, uniqueness, and deep meanings to help your search.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With O

Did you ever wonder about world-famous people who carry Arabic names beginning with O? Omar Sharif, the award-winning actor, and Omar al-Bashir, the former president of Sudan, are just a few personalities named Omar. This popular Arabic name exudes strength and leadership qualities.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OmarUmar, OmerLong Life
OsamaUsama, OussamaLion
OwaisUwais, OuaisLittle Wolf
OthmanUthman, OtmanWise, powerful
ObaidUbaid, UbaedSmall Slave
OdaiUdai, UdayTo Run
ObeidUbeid, UbeedServant
OneibUneib, UneebOcean
OsaidUsaid, UssaidSmall Lion
OvaisUvais, UwaysGifted
OthmaneUthmane, OtmaneWise
OdehUdeh, UdhayPraise
OunUun, OonLight
OhudUhud, UhoodPromise
OrhanUrhan, OrhaanNoble Leader
OrabiUrabi, UrabyFrom the City
ObaydahUbaydah, ObeydahSmall Servant
OmanUman, OmaanDeveloping
OraebUraeb, UreabQuick As a Flash
ObadaUbada, UbadahLoyal Servant
OttmanUtman, OttmaanBaby Bustard
OlwanUlwan, OlwaanHigh, Noble
OmranUmran, OmraanConstruction
OsaimUsaim, OseimRestrained
OctaiUctai, OctayWealthy
OnsUns, OnseSociability
OroojUrooj, OroozRising
OshaqUshaq, OshaquePassionate
OmeirUmeir, OmaerLife
OmeedUmeed, OmeedeHope
OrhanUrhan, UrahnNoble Leader
OvaisUvais, UveysCompanion of Prophet
OdharUdhar, OdhaarProminent
ObayUbay, ObeyServant of God
OmidUmid, OmeedHope
OsafUsaf, OsaafClear Summer Sky
OjanUjan, OjaanSprightliness
OthmenUthmen, OthemanCompanion of Prophet
ObadaUbada, ObaidaLittle Slave
OdayUday, OudaySpear Thrower
OthelloUthello, OtheloWealthy Man
ObaUba, OobaKing
ObaedUbaed, ObaidSmall Slave
OsafUsaf, OssafClear Summer Sky
OrashUrash, OrasheBright Sun
OthairUthair, OthayrSubstitute
OteizUteiz, OteizeExactly on Time
OuroojUrooj, OroujAscension
OfaUfa, OfaaWealthy Man
OlfatUlfat, OlfaatFriendship
OjanUjan, OujaanLife
OranUran, OraneLight
OsmanUsman, OssmanWise, Powerful

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