50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with P: Explore These Gems

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Hey there, mama-to-be! I know you’re buzzing with excitement about naming your little bundle of joy. For those of you inclined towards Arabic names, we’ve got a special treat – our handpicked list of 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with P. Intriguing, meaningful, and absolutely adorable, these names are sure to make your heart flutter.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PakeezahPakizah, PakeezaPure
2. PayamPayaamMessage
3. ParvezParvaiz, PervezSuccess
4. PashaLord, Ruler
5. ParsaPure, Chaste
6. PaywandConnection
7. PaimanPaymanPromise
8. PariyaFairy, Flower
9. ParhamInventor, Designer
10. PahlaviAncient Persian
11. PalashA Flowering Tree
12. ParandSilk
13. ParvaSmall
14. PaykarBattle, Conflict
15. ParizadBorn of the Fairies
16. PiroozPiruzVictorious
17. ParandehSilken
18. ParisaLike a Fairy
19. PartoRay of Light
20. ParvizParwez, ParwizFortunate, Happy
21. PaydarGenerous
22. PuyaSeeker
23. PeymanPromise, Covenant
24. PashaLord, Ruler
25. PaxshanDefiant
26. PurBahaFull of Light
27. ParvaazParwazFlight
28. PasbanGuard
29. PanizSugar
30. ParinazCharming and Beautiful
31. PeyvandAddition, Connection
32. PakeerPakearExalted, Supreme
33. PanahRefuge, Shelter
34. ParigolFairy-like Flower
35. PadidehPhenomenon
36. PariaFairy, Beautiful
37. ParshanFull Moon
38. PanbehCotton
39. ParsPersian
40. ParizadBorn of the Fairies
41. ParastarA Bird that Imitates
42. PeymanehPledge, Covenant
43. ParastoA Bird
44. PayandehEverlasting
45. ParandisSilken
46. ParwanahButterfly
47. ParangSword
48. PanazPrecious
49. PanteaChaste, Pure
50. ParwinPleiades (Cluster of Stars)

Thanks for exploring our list of ’50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with P’. We hope it has given you an array of beautiful, unique options to consider for your little one’s name. Remember, every name has a special meaning and resonance that can shape your baby’s identity. Continue the adventure and check out more baby name ideas on our site. Happy naming!

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