Find Uniqueness with 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with D

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Choosing your baby’s name is like unwrapping the first layer of their unique identity. Dive into our curated selection of 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with D, and explore the beauty and richness of these names, perfect for your little princess.

Notable People with Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with D

Arabic names starting with ‘D’ are not only beautiful but have been borne by some influential figures. For instance, Dalia Mogahed is a renowned American scholar known for her advocacy of Muslim rights. Dunia Elvir, an Emmy-award winning journalist, is another shining example. These names carry a legacy of strength, beautifully blending culture and individuality.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DalilaDalilah, DelilaGentle, kind
DaniaDanya, DhanyaNear, close
DurrahDurr, DurraPearl
DeenaDina, DeenaRuling, judgement
DuniaDunya, DuniyaWorld, life
DaliaDahlea, DaliyaGrape vine
DalalDal, DallalSpoiled, pampered
DimaDeema, DemaDownpour
DurrDur, DurrPearl
DanaDanna, DannahWise, learned
DuhaDoha, DooaMorning sun
DhuhaDhoha, DuhhaForenoon
DaimaDeyma, DaymaAlways, forever
DurriyahDuriya, DuriaBright star
DajahDaja, DajjaBroiler, young bird
DalirahDalira, DalaraClear perception
DareenDaren, DarynPrecious jewel
DhakiyahDhakia, DhakyahClever, intelligent
DanahDana, DannahThe most perfectly sized, valuable thing
DurarDuraar, DorarPearls
DiyarDeyar, DeyaarCountry, region
DawhaDahwa, DauhaGlow, radiance
DeebaDeba, DibaSilk
DaadDa’ad, DaadChallenge, revolution
DalahDala, DelahGrape vine
DiyaDeya, DeeyaLight, glow
DabirahDabira, DebirahLeader, in charge
DalilahDelilah, DalilaGuide, model
DameerDamir, DamyrHeart, conscience
DuaDu’a, DoaaPrayer, supplication
DaaniaDaaniya, DhaniaBeautiful
DafinahDafeenah, DafinaTreasure
DurratDurrath, DuratPearl
DayaaDaya, DeyaKindness, compassion
DalaaDalla, DalahSpoilt, pampered
DayanahDayana, DaynaMerciful
DhamirahDhamira, DhemirahConscience, heart
DalilDalal, DelilGuide, model
DayimahDaymah, DaymaEternal, perpetual
DawlatDaulat, DawletWealth, power
DawalibDawlib, DawaleebCluster of stars
DahabDahhab, DehabGold
DalaiahDaliyah, DaleiahTree branch
DinarDenaar, DinarahGold coin
DamiaDamea, DamiyaConstant
DarakhshanDarrakshan, DarakshanBright, shining
DahiahDahya, DahiyahIntelligent
DuraniDuranee, DuranyPearl-like
DilbaharDilbaher, DilbharHeart blossoming
DalliDally, DaleeGrape vine
DarisahDarisa, DareesaStudent, learner

Thanks for joining us on this journey through 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with D. We hope you’ve enjoyed the adventure just as much as we have, and perhaps even found the perfect name for your little one. Remember, this is only the beginning! Continue to explore and be inspired by checking out more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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