Stand Out: 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with D for Your Little One

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Choosing a name for your little one is a beautiful journey filled with joy, significance, and sometimes a dash of confusion. To guide you through this exciting path, we’ve curated a list of 50 unique Arabic baby boy names starting with D. Each one resonates with deep-rooted traditions while being chic and modern.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with D

Many influential figures bear Arabic names starting with D. Think of Dhani Harrison, a celebrated musician and son of Beatles legend George Harrison. Similarly, the world of football is starlit with the name Didier, which resonates with Didier Drogba, an iconic Ivorian football legend.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DafiDaffyOne who expands, spreads
DahhakDahakOne who smiles
DahmanDhamanOne who is merciful
DaiyanDayanA mighty ruler
DakhilDhakhilForeigner, stranger
DamirDamerHeart, mind
DaniDanyClose, near
DanyalDanielGod is my judge
DarimDareemOne who reduces
DarweeshDarvish, DarwishMystic, spiritual guide
DawlaDawlahEmpire, state
DawoudDawoodLoved one
DeenDinReligion, obedience to God
DeenarDinarGold coin
Difa’Difaa, DefaaDefence
DiqrahDikrah, DakrahMemory
DirarDhirar, DhiraOld Arabic name
DiyaaDiyaa, DeaLight, glow
DoaaDoaA female servant of God
DohaDohaaThe forenoon
DurrahDorrah, DuraPearls
DurrDurr, DurruPearls
DuwayanDuweyan, DuanDark, black
DwanDuanLight, dawn
DyalaDiala, DiyalaLove, affection
DyanaDiana, DyannaDivine
DybahDibah, DybaWolf
DyfahDifah, DyfaRain
DyhiaDyhiaa, DihiaLight, glow
DyumDumRespected, revered
DywanDiwan, DyuanCustoms

Thank you for walking with us through this exciting journey of baby name discovery. We hope these 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with D have inspired you. Remember, each name carries a unique story waiting to unfold with your little one. Stay tuned for more baby name ideas on our site, because when it comes to choosing the perfect name, the journey is just as delightful as the destination!

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