50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with E that Echo Tradition

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Choosing a name for your baby boy is more than just an act; it’s a thrilling adventure! Our meticulously curated list of 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with ‘E’ is packed with names that are rich in cultural heritage and teeming with profound meanings. As you dive in, may each name fill your heart with joy and make your naming journey even more exciting.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with E

There’s a certain allure attached to naming your child after a notable figure. Emir, meaning ‘prince’ or ‘commander’, was chosen by the talented actor Omar Epps for his son. Elyas, synonymous with ‘The Lord is my God’, is a name proudly carried by Elyas M’Barek, a renowned German actor with Tunisian roots.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EmirAmir, AamirPrince, Commander
EhsanIhsan, EhssanPerfection, Excellence
EidEyd, IedFeast, Festival
ElhamIlham, ElhaamInspiration
EzzatIzzat, EzzetHonor, Respect
EssamIssam, EsamSafeguard
EliasElyas, ElyassThe God is my Lord
EmadImad, EmadddinPillar, Support
EhabIhad, EhhabGift
ErumEruum, EroomHeaven
EyadIyad, EiadReinforcement
EdrisIdris, EdreesStudious, Knowledgeable
ElafIlaf, ElaafSafety, Covenant
EmranImran, EmraanProsperity, Exalted Nation
EzzeddineIzzeddine, EzzedineMight of the Faith
EzzEzz, IzzPower, Might
EisaIsa, EesaaJesus, The Messiah
EshraqIshraq, EshraakSunrise, Brightness
EnnisEnis, EnnissCompanion, Friend
EzazIzaaz, EzaazMagnificence, Elegance
EitharIthar, EithaarSelflessness, Altruism
EbrahimIbrahim, EbrahimmFather of a multitude
EsadIsad, EsaadFortune, Happiness
EzzeldeenIzzeldeen, EzzeldinGlory of the Faith
EhabbIhabb, EhhabbGift, Present
ErdemErdemm, EerdemVirtue, Goodness
EmmadImmad, EmaadPillar, Support
ErsinErsinn, ErsiinGood Man, Virtuous
EhtishamIhtisham, EtheshamDecency, Modesty
EbubekirEbubekir, Abu BakrFather of the Camel’s Calf
EmreEmir, EmreeFriend, Brother
EnesEness, EnisFriend, Affectionate
ErtugrulErtugrul, ErtogrulPure, Genuine
EkinEkin, EkiinHarvest, Crop
EgemenEgemen, EgeemenDominant, Prevailing
EkremIkrem, EkreemGenerous, Noble
ElifElif, EliffSlim, Tender
EnverEnvir, AnverBright, Luminous
ErkanErkann, ErkahChief, Leader
ErtanErtann, ErtahnDawn, Daybreak
ElvanElvann, ElvonColors, Diversity
EminEmeen, EmiinTrustworthy, Reliable
ErayErayy, EraiBaby Moon, Moonbeam
ErinErin, EriinMountain, Hill
ErtugErtug, ErtuugPure, Genuine
ErselErsool, ErseelGood Flow, Smooth
EflatunEflatoon, IflatunPlato
EvrenEvreen, EvranThe Universe, Cosmos
EnderEndir, EnderVery Rare
ErdoğanErdogan, ErdhoganBrave Hawk
EnginEnginn, EngeenVast, Infinite

And that’s our list of 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with ‘E’. As you continue your journey towards finding the perfect name for your little one, remember that each name holds a unique story – a story that will become a part of your child’s identity. We hope our list inspires you, and if you’re still hunting for that perfect name, we offer a plethora of other name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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