50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with C to Capture Your Heart

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Hey Mama-to-be! Looking for a captivating baby girl name that starts with the letter C? Buckle up because we’re about to embark on an enchanting journey through 50 Arabic baby girl names that are as unique as your little bundle of joy.

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with C

Among the many remarkable individuals who bear Arabic baby girl names starting with C, Cemile is a standout. The name belongs to the intriguing and talented Turkish actress Cemile Baysal. Known for her charismatic roles, she exemplifies the strength and elegance that this name represents.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CamilaKamila, CamillaPerfect, Complete
CarimaKarima, KareemaGenerous, Noble
CadijahKhadijah, KhadeejaPremature child
CawahirKawthar, KautharAbundance
CelebiJalibi, JalebiRespected, Noble
CaleemahKaliimah, KaleemahSpeaker
CandaraKandaraSparkling light
CaridaKaridaUntouched, Pure
CalifaKalifa, CaliphaChaste, Pure
CadiKadi, KadiiJudge
CantaaraKantaraSmall bridge
CarisKaris, CharisGrace, Kindness
CaitanKaytan, KaitanSmall
CawalKawal, KwalCare
CawsiQawsi, QausiBow-like
CawliQawliMy statement
CajilKajil, KajalMascara, Kohl
CamisKamis, QamisDress
CapiaKapia, KapyaPalatable fruit
CaradhKaradh, KaradGinger
CerirSerir, SererSilky soft
CetirSetir, SeterHiding, Concealed
CelbiSelbi, SelbyOwn-self
CifirSifir, SiferZero, Nil
CidriSidri, SidryMy secret
CehreSahre, SahriWakeful
CebairSebair, SeberPatient
CebbSebb, SebePour out, Overflow
CebrSebr, SeberPatience
CeberSeber, CebirForce, Power
CeriSeri, SeyriProgression
CetmSetm, SetemOppression, Tyranny
CinSin, SinneSin, Crime
CenubSenub, SunubSouth
CetinSetin, SittinHard, Tough
CadelKadel, KudelBun, Knot
CamidSamid, SamitSilent
CumraKumra, KumrahDark red
CudurSudur, SudorFaces
CulefaKulefa, KuleffaSuccessorship
CemileJemile, GemileBeautiful
CeyhunSeyhun, JeyhunA River in Asia
CemreJemre, GemreEmber
CinarÇinar, JinarPlane tree

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Arabic baby girl names starting with C. We hope you found inspiration for your little one’s name among these beautiful options. No luck yet? Don’t worry! We have plenty more name idea lists to spark your imagination. Dive back into our site to uncover more unique and endearing baby names. Remember, each name has its story waiting to blend with yours!

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