50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with B Every Mom-to-be Should Consider

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Choosing your baby’s name is like embarking on a treasure hunt, full of excitement and anticipation. If you’re looking for something unique yet meaningful, dive into our list of 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with B. It’s time to add the finishing touch to your little princess’s identity!

Notable People With Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with B

It’s always inspiring to know notable people who share your baby’s name. Let’s take Bahia Bakari, a resilient young woman who survived a plane crash, or Batoul Arnaout, a Jordanian athlete who champions women’s empowerment. Their accomplishments may just inspire your daughter as she grows with her powerful Arabic name starting with B.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. BadiaBadya, BadeaUnique, Unprecedented
2. BahiraBahirah, BehiraBrilliant, Bright
3. BalbinaBalbenaStrong
4. BananBanane, BenanDelicate, Finger Tips
5. BariaBariah, BareaExcelling
6. BashiraBasharrah, BashearaBringer of Good Tidings
7. BasmaBasema, BesmaSmile
8. BatulBatool, BatoulAscetic Virgin
9. ButhainaButheina, BothainaGentle, Kind
10. BadriyaBadreya, BadriyahLike the Full Moon
11. BahiaBahiah, BahiyaBeautiful, Radiant
12. BatrisyaBatrisyah, BatryshaIntelligent
13. BasilaBasilah, BesilaBrave
14. BintBente, BentDaughter
15. BayanBayana, BayenClearness, Eloquence
16. BasmahBasmahh, BesmahA Smile
17. BilqisBilqees, BelkisQueen of Sheba
18. BushraBushrah, BoseeraGood news
19. BadiyaBadeya, BadeaDesert
20. BarakaBarakah, BarakahhBlessing
21. BusrBuser, BoosrJoy, Unripe Dates
22. BadraBadrah, BadiraFull Moon
23. BareeaBareea, BariyaInnocent
24. BismaBesma, BismahSmile
25. BahiyaBahyya, BahieaBeautiful, Radiant
26. BaydaBaydah, BaedaWhite
27. BahjaBahjah, BahjeaJoy
28. BaheeraBahera, BaeheraDazzling, Brilliant
29. BarakahBereka, BarakehBlessed
30. BasimahBasemah, BesimahSmiling
31. BadiahBadia, BadeahUnprecedented, Admirable
32. BahiyaaBahija, BahiyaBeautiful, Radiant
33. BazighaBazighah, BazeghaShining
34. BanoBanoo, BaneoPrincess
35. BashaairBashair, BashayerGood news
36. BilhahBilha, BeleahModest
37. BudurBodur, BudoorFull Moons
38. BarirahBariyr, BareeraPious
39. ButhaynaBotayna, BothaynaOf Beautiful and Tender Body
40. BunanahBonna, BunanaPlump and Chubby
41. BahirahBareha, BahieraLustrous
42. BalighaBalegha, BalieghaEloquent
43. BushrahBushira, BosrahGood Omen
44. BedayahBedaya, BethayaNew Beginning
45. BanahBana, BenahElevated, High
46. BashaBasha, BasheaJoyful
47. BaylasanBaylisan, BeyleisanA type of Tree
48. BahigaBahija, BahigahHappy, Joyful
49. BilqeesBilqis, BelqeisQueen of Sheba
50. BahiBahyi, BahieDazzling, Brilliant

As we wrap up this charming quest for the perfect name, we hope you’ve found our list of 50 Arabic Baby Girl Names Starting with B insightful and inspirational. Remember, choosing a name for your baby is a joyous journey – savor every moment of it. Always stay curious, and don’t hesitate to explore more of our baby name idea lists for further inspiration. Thank you for sharing this significant moment with us!

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