Discover the Beauty of 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with B

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Choosing a name that resonates is like crafting a love letter to your future child. Our list of 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with B will guide you in finding that perfect name, combining the rich culture of Arabic tradition with your own unique hopes for your little one.

Notable People with Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with B

Among those with Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with B are famous figures like Bilal Ibn Rabah, a companion of Prophet Mohammed and a symbol of bravery. Another notable person is Bassem Youssef, often referred to as the Jon Stewart of Egypt, who brings laughter and incisive wit to the world.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. BadrBedr, BatrFull moon
2. BahirBakhir, BaherDazzling, brilliant
3. BasimBassim, BasseemOne who smiles
4. BasharBascharBringer of glad tidings
5. BilalBelal, BilallThe first muezzin (caller to prayer)
6. BakrBakhir, BakkerYoung camel
7. BariBary, BarieCreator, maker
8. BarakahBaraka, BarekaBlessing, white one
9. BahjatBahjet, BahjutJoy, happiness
10. BayanBayen, BayanuClearness, eloquence
11. BadriBadree, BadrieOne who took part in the battle of Badr
12. BahaBaha, BahaaBeautiful, magnificent
13. BasheerBashir, BasheirOne who carries good news
14. BishrBisher, BeshirJoy, solace
15. BarirBarer, BareerFaithful, upright
16. BurhanBurhaan, BurhaneProof
17. BaqirBaqqir, BaqqerDeeply learned
18. BisharaBisharah, BesharaGood news
19. BatihBatihe, BatehClever, smart
20. BasilBasile, BazilBrave, fearless
21. BaasimBasim, BassimSmiling
22. BadrudeenBadrudeen, BadroodeenFull moon of the faith
23. BahyBahey, BehySplendid, brilliant
24. BudurBodur, BudoorFull moons
25. BakkirBackir, BakirEarly, punctual
26. BilqisBelqis, BilkeesQueen of Sheba
27. BushrBussher, BushehrGood news
28. BahadurBahader, BahadoreBrave, fearless
29. BahaudeenBahauddin, BahudeenThe magnificent of the faith
30. BadiBadee, BadeyMarvelous, amazing
31. Badiuz ZamanBadiuzzaman, Badeeuz ZamanMarvel of the age
32. BahijBahije, BehijBeautiful, radiant
33. BahaaldinBahaaaldin, Baha’aldinMagnificence of the faith
34. BayhasBayhass, BayhasaName of a companion of the Prophet
35. BarimBarem, BarymEmbracing
36. BahriBahr, BahreeSea-like, relating to the sea
37. BaahiBaahie, BaahyGlorious, magnificent
38. BhiraBhira, BhiraaName of a Sahabi
39. BarsBaris, BaresRain
40. BudaylBoudayl, BudayleName of a companion of the Prophet
41. BunanahBunanah, BunanahName of a Sahabi
42. BakkarBakar, BahkarYoung camel
43. BasyarBasyaar, BasyareBringer of glad tidings
44. BukairBukayr, BookeyrDistinguished companion of the Prophet
45. BadasBadass, BadasName of a Sahabi
46. BilagBilagh, BilagYouth, young
47. BaraaBara, BaraaExcelling, one who heals
48. BujairBujayr, BujayreName of a Sahabi
49. BalaghBalag, BalagheClear, evident
50. BarzBarze, BarzWet land

Thanks for journeying with us through this selection of Arabic baby boy names starting with B. Naming your little one is a beautiful task, and we hope we’ve sparked your imagination. Remember, there’s a world of baby name ideas awaiting you on our site, so why not continue the exploration? Happy name hunting!

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