Unearth Traditions: 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With W

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Hey there, expectant mom! Picking your baby boy’s name is an exciting journey, and we’re here to help. Dive into our carefully curated list of 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with W..

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
WaelWail, WeilRescue, Seeker
WafiqWafeeq, WafiikSuccessful
WahidWaheed, WahydUnique
WajidWajeed, WajydInventor, Finder
WaleedWalid, WaleadNewborn Child
WasifWaseef, WasyfDescription
WaficWafeec, WafikTo Triumph
WakilWakeel, WaqilRepresentative
WalifWaleef, WalifA close friend
WamidWamed, WameedA spark of fire
WarifWareef, WarifInheriting
WarisWarees, WarissInheritor, Heir
WasilWaseel, WasylInseparable friend
WasiqWaseeq, WasyqConfident, Sure
WisamWeesam, WisaamMedal, Badge of honor
WassimWaseem, WasemHandsome, Good looking
WijdanWijdaan, WijdanEcstasy, Sentiment
WaleeWali, WaleyGuardian
WasamWasem, WasmMedal, Decoration
WaqirWaqeer, WaqyrRespected
WidadWedaad, WidaddLove, Friendship
WajahatWajhat, WajahitCommanding, Personality
WasayWasaay, WasayyUnlimited, All Encompassing
WaseemWasim, WassemHandsome, Graceful
WaqasWaqaas, WaqaazA companion of the Prophet
WaleeullahWaliullah, Walee-UllahFriend of God
WajdiWajdee, WajdyOf strong emotion, passion and love
WasilahWasyla, WaselahBin al-Asqa RA had this name
WahbanWahbaan, Wehban(Indonesian) Gift
WassiWassie, WassyVast, Wide, Capacious
WajehWajeeh, WajihOne who is noble
WajeeWajee, WajiBright, Brave
WaisWaise, WayisKing of a Tribe in Ghazni
WahmWaham, WaaheimFantasy
WahiduddinWahid-Ud-Din, Wahid-ud-DinUnique in the religion (Islam)
WasiuddinWasi-Ud-Din, WaseuddinBroad of the religion (Islam)
WasiurrahmanWasi-ur-Rahman, WasyurrahmanVast of the Merciful (Allah)
WaasiWasy, WaasyVast, Wide
WatheqWathiq, WatheekFirm, reliable, confident
WaaizhWaaezh, WaaezAdvisor
WaafiWaafy, WaafeeFaithful, Loyal
WaahidWahid, WahedSingle, Exclusively, Unequalled
WaailWaael, WaeilOne who returns for shelter
WaaizWaaez, WaezHomecoming, Return
WaddahWada, WadahhBright, brilliant
WadeeWadi, WadeCalm, Peaceful
WadidWaded, WadidFavorable, devoted
WafeeqWafeeq, WafiikSuccessful

Thank you, lovely ladies, for touring our curated selection of 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with W. We hope this list sparks inspiration and aids your meaningful journey of choosing a name for your little one. Do check out more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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