50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with Z: A Journey Into Exotic Sounds

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Dear mom-to-be, we know selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey! To fuel your adventure, we’ve handpicked 50 Asian Baby Boy Names starting with Z, combining distinctiveness and rich cultural tales—go ahead, let’s find your baby’s unique identity together!

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

Zhen, Zihan, and Zixuan are just a few examples from our list that have been carried by remarkable people. Zhen Xue-Wei, the famous Chinese dancer, Zihan Chen, an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, and Zixuan Liu, a notable Chinese basketball player, have all nourished these names with their achievements, enriching their significance in our society.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ZhenZhenli, ZhenyuPrecious, Charming
ZianZihan, ZianliSelf Peace
ZongZonghua, ZongyuanEsteemed, Respected
ZhiZhijian, ZhimingWisdom, Intellect
ZixinZixuan, ZixingHappy Heart
ZihanZihao, ZihanxiBright, Shining
ZerongZerongyu, ZerongbinEsteemed Glory
ZhuoZhuoxi, ZhuoqiOutstanding, Brilliant
ZiangZiangyi, ZianghuaFragrant, Aromatic
ZenZenshi, ZenchuanKindness, Compassionate
ZhimingZhimingli, ZhimingbinBright, Light
ZhaohuiZhaohuilan, ZhaohuijingBrilliant, Radiant
ZhengZhengfang, ZhengsiStraight, Upright
ZiqingZiqingyi, ZiqinghuaClear, Pure
ZhongZhongzheng, ZhongsiLoyal, Faithful
ZhenyuZhenyufang, ZhenyuliCharming Universe
ZheyiZheyifang, ZheyiwenKindness and Righteousness
ZanZanyi, ZanliPraise, Esteem
ZongliZonglihao, ZonglicaiGeneral Benefit
ZheZheqi, ZherenWise, Philosopher
ZijingZijinghua, ZijingrongQuiet Scenery
ZenanZenanren, ZenansongKind and Peaceful Man
ZaidaoZaidaofeng, ZaidaolinStraight Path
ZhuangZhuangfang, ZhuangxiRobust, Strong
ZiqiZiqixuan, ZiqiyiAzure, Bright
ZiliangZilianghao, ZiliangrongSmart and Bright
ZhilangZhilanghao, ZhilangjingBright Wolf
ZijianZijianhua, ZijianrenSelf-established
ZifanZifanli, ZifancengSelf-ordinary
ZhaorenZhaorenhua, ZhaorenliBrilliant Man
ZhipingZhipingzhou, ZhipingrenPeaceful
ZhibinZhibinlan, ZhibinlingBright and Refined
ZenchuanZenchuanfang, ZenchuanyiWater Flow
ZiquanZiquanbi, ZiquanliSelf Power
ZirenZirenhao, ZirenzhaoBenevolent Man
ZunZunwei, ZunxiHonorable
ZhifeiZhifeizhi, ZhifeiyaFlying Wisdom
ZhenbiaoZhenbiaoren, ZhenbiaozhouPrecious Leopard
ZhumingZhumingzhao, ZhumingzhiRespected and Bright
ZhenqiZhenqiming, ZhenqibinPrecious Air
ZhexuanZhexuanren, ZhexuanzhiWise and Mysterious
ZhaoyunZhaoyunwei, ZhaoyunzhenBright Cloud
ZihaoZihaozhi, ZihaojingZealous, Ambitious
ZhaoliangZhaoliangren, ZhaoliangliBright and Good
ZetianZetianhua, ZetianlingBenevolent Sky
ZhaobinZhaobinwei, ZhaobinghuaShining and Refined
ZhaoruZhaoruhao, ZhaoruyiBrilliant Scholar
ZhidaZhidaren, ZhidahuaAmbitious and Big
ZhilanZhilanfeng, ZhilanmingOrchid Wisdom

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through 50 Asian Baby Boy Names starting with Z. We’re thrilled to be a part of this beautiful process as you choose a name that will shape your baby’s unique identity. Don’t stop here though—continue the adventure with our other curated lists of baby names. After all, there’s no limit to inspiration when it’s about your little one!

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