50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with Y to Reflect Your Heritage

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Hey there, Mama-to-be! Having a hard time picking a name for your upcoming bundle of joy? We’ve rounded up a list of 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with Y to help you celebrate your heritage and set your little one apart.

Notable People With Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

From the world of technology to the arts, Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with Y have made their mark. Let’s start with Yo-Yo Ma, the world-renowned cellist and Yokozuna, an iconic figure in Japanese sumo wrestling history. And who can forget Yoko Ono, the avant-garde artist, and peace activist, a name synonymous with trailblazing spirit!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
YukiYukito, YukihikoSnow, happiness
YasuYasuo, YasushiPeace, calm
YoshiYoshio, YoshihiroGood luck, righteous
YutoYutaka, YutaroGentle, superior
YujiYujo, YujinCourageous second son
YoichiYoichiroSunny first son
YudaiYudaiki, YudaimiGreat hero
YasunariYasunaroPeaceful one
YoriYorito, YorikazuTrust, reliable
YeongYeong-su, Yeong-hoForever, brave
YohanYohan-sung, Yohan-wooGod is gracious
Yu-jinYu-junPrecious, treasure
YunYun-suk, Yun-minCloud, abundant
YoonYoon-ho, Yoon-seokAllow, consent
Ye-junYe-jinTalent, handsome
YongYong-suk, Yong-hwaPerpetual, brave
YesungTalent, voice
YooYoo-chan, Yoo-jungAbundant, plentiful
YeonYeon-seok, Yeon-bokBeautiful, graceful
Yong-haEternal, summer
YosepYosephHe will add
Yun-seoSmooth, soft
Ye-jiWisdom, intellect
Yun-sikAbundant, real
Yoon-jaeDisplay, respect
Yong-giEternal, brave
Young-jooEternal, jewel
Young-wooEternity, divine
Young-minEternal, democracy
Yun-hoAbundant, heroic
Yong-seoEternal, refined
Ye-junArt, handsome
Yong-sunEverlasting, goodness
Yun-baeAbundant, inspiration
Yoo-jinAbundant, precious
Yong-sikPerpetual, real
Ye-chanArt, shine
Young-jaeEternal, talent
Yong-binPerpetual, refined
Yeon-hoBeautiful, heroic
Yoo-seokAbundant, stone
Yun-junAbundant, talented
Yoon-giAllow, rise
Yong-joonForever, handsome
Young-hanForever, one
Yeon-jinBeautiful, jewel
Yoon-seoConsent, refined
Yoon-chulConsent, firm
Yong-suEverlasting, excellence
Yun-seokAbundant, stone
Yeon-wooBeautiful, divine

Thank you, lovely mothers-to-be, for exploring our list of 50 Asian Baby Boy Names Starting with Y. We hope you found inspiration in every name and that it sparks excitement for your little one’s arrival. Discover more unique and meaningful baby name ideas by visiting the other lists on our site. Happy naming!

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