50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With S: Names that Sing

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Hello, lovely mama-to-be! Get ready to be swept off your feet by these captivating Arabic baby boy names starting with ‘S’. They’re not just unique, they’re filled with stories and warm, rich sounds that your little one would be proud to carry!

Notable People With ‘S’ Names

Many successful personalities have been graced with names starting with ‘S’. Think of the Famed footballers Sabri Tabet and Saad Al Sheebi, and author and poet, Saadi Youssef. These names carry a legacy of success and the power to inspire!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
Sa’adSaad, SaedHappiness, Luck
SamiSamee, SamyExalted, Noble
SalehSalah, SaleehRighteous, Virtuous
SaifSayf, SaiphSword
SuhailSohail, SuhaelCanopus Star
ShakirShaker, ShakyrThankful
SabirSabeer, SaberPatient
SajjadSajad, SajidProstrating to God
SaddamSadam, SaddemOne who Confronts
SalimSaleem, SalemSafe, Sound
SahilSaahil, SahelGuide, Shore
SaddamSadam, SaddemOne who Confronts
SarwarSarwaar, SarweerLeader, Chief
ShadadShadaad, ShaddadSuperpower
SabihSabeah, SabeehBeautiful, Graceful
SaqibSaqeib, SaquibShining Star
ShafiqShafeeq, ShafiCompassionate
SamirSameer, SamyrEntertaining Companion
SawadSawwad, SawaadBlackness, Skill
ShakibShakeeb, ShakybGrateful
SuhaybSohayb, SuheybOf Reddish Hair or Complexion
SafwanSafuan, SaffwanRock
SharifShareef, ShereefNoble, Honorable
SabahSabba, SabaaMorning
SariyahSarya, SariyaClouds at Night
SaqrSaqer, SaqqerFalcon
SayyidSeyyid, SaiyidMister, Sir
SufyanSufian, SofyanFast Walker
ShujaShujau, ShoojaBrave, Bold
SarimSarem, SarymLion, Brave
SaburSaboor, SabourPatient, Persistent
SabrSaber, SabberPatience
SafirSaphir, SafeerAmbassador, Mediator
ShrifShreef, ShrifHonest, Upright
SabiqSabeeq, SaebiqThe One who Comes First
SamahSamaah, SamaaGenerosity
ShahirShaaheer, ShahyrFamous
SadeqSadiq, SedeqSincere, True
SahlSahal, SahelEasy, Uncomplicated
SaedSaaed, SaidFortunate, Lucky
SaharSaher, SaaharVigil, Wakefulness
SahmSahem, SamArrow, Dart
SuhaylSohayl, SuheylGentle, Easy
SufiSoofi, SufeeMystic, Spiritual
SaqrSaquer, SakrFalcon
SafuhSafooh, SafuhhForgiving, Lenient
ShadidShadad, ShadedStrong
SadiSaadee, SadyFortunate
SafuhSafooh, SafuhhForgiving, Lenient
ShahdShaahid, ShahadHoney
SaaqibSaakib, SaqebShining Star
SafiSaafi, SaafeePure, Clear

Wow, what an invigorating ride through 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with S! We hope you’ve found a name that touched your heart and sparked joy for your little one’s arrival. Remember, there’s a world of names waiting for you in our other baby name lists. Stay excited, stay inspired, and keep exploring, dear mama!

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