50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With R: Popular Boy Names

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Hey there, future mama! Let’s dive into the wonders of baby boy names starting with ‘R’ that harken back to rich Arabic traditions. They’re not just unique and beautiful; they’re filled with history and meaning, too!

Notable People With “R” Names

From the world of entertainment to the sphere of politics, R-names have made their presence felt. Famous poet Rachid Boudedra and footballer Rabeea Jumaa are prime examples. Not to mention human rights activist, writer, and teacher Rachid Mimouni. These names have left an indelible mark, inspiring many parents for their baby boys!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
Ra’idRaid, RayedLeader
RahmanRahmann, RahmaanMerciful
RashadRashaad, RasheedRighteous
RafiRafie, RafeeExalted
RamizRamez, RamySymbol
RiyadhRiadh, RyadhGardens
RayanRayyan, RyanDoor of Heaven
RashidRashed, RasheedGuided One
RafeeqRafiq, RafeeqGentle, Kind
RafifRafief, RafiifGlitter, Shine
RamalRammal, RamelSand
RakanRaken, RaakonNoble
RafanRaffan, RaphanGraceful
RajabRajeb, RajaabSeventh Month of the Islamic Calendar
RabahRabaah, RabbaWinner
RaheemRahim, RahiemCompassionate
RaahimRahim, RaheemCompassionate
Ra’idahRaidah, RayedaLeader
RakinRaakin, RakeenRespectful
RaadRaed, Ra’edThunder
RafeedRafead, RafeidSupport
RasulRasoul, RasoolProphet, Messenger
RabeeRabie, RabySpring
RakanRaakan, RakenNoble
RameezRamiez, RamezSymbol
RaghibRaghieb, RagheebDesirous
RakinRaakin, RakinFirm, Confident
RahatRaahat, RahetRest, Relief
RadiRady, RadieSatisfied
RaifRaef, RaifMerciful
RafanRafaan, RafenGentle Breeze
RabeehRabieh, RabyhWinner
RahilRahyl, RahilleOne who Travels
RameesRameis, RameasSandstorm
RabihRabyh, RabeihSuccessful
RameelRamel, RamielThunder
RaziRaazi, RazeeContent, Satisfied
RaisRayes, RayisLeader
RahmiRahmee, RahmieMerciful
RafeeqRafiq, RafeeqCompanion
RuhailRuhayl, RohailTraveler
RahyRahye, RahiShepherd
RizwanRizwaan, RizanSatisfaction
RayhanRayhaan, ReyhanFragrant Plant
RafidRafed, RafydSupport
RadwanRadwaan, RadonPleasure
RayedRayeed, RaaedIlluminate
RaoufRauf, RaofMerciful
RakinRakeen, RaakinRespectful
RafeeRafe, RafieHigh, Exalted
RajaiRajay, RajaieHopeful

And there you have it! Thanks for joining us on this beautiful journey through 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with R. We hope you found the perfect name that resonates with you and encapsulates everything you dream of for your little one. Don’t forget to check out more of our baby name idea lists for more inspiration. Happy naming, mama!

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