50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting With T: Names to Treasure

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Hi there, supermom-to-be! Ready to take a tantalizing trip through ‘T’ with these delightful Arabic baby boy names? Each carries a tradition tied not just to a letter but to a rich tapestry of tales, promising your little one a name steeped in history and charm!

Notable People With ‘T’ Names

Naming your baby with a ‘T’ can put them in good company. Take famous footballer Taiseer Al Jassam, musician and singer Talal Maddah, and basketball star Talal Salem Alnuaimi. A ‘T’ name can echo the triumphs of these accomplished individuals.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TariqTareq, TaariqMorning Star
TalibTaalib, TalebSeeker of Knowledge
TamimTameem, TaamimComplete, Comprehensive
TahaTaaha, Taa’haPure
ThabitThaabt, ThaabitFirm, Steadfast
TalalTalaal, TalaallAdmirable, Nice
TaherTaheer, TahirPure, Clean
TamirTameer, TaamirOne who Owns Date Palm Trees
TawfiqTawfeeq, TawfikGood Fortune, Success
TaufikTawfik, TowfikDivine Help or Guidance
TaysirTaiseer, TaaysirFacilitation
TajTaaj, TaageCrown
TawheedTawhid, TouheedUnification, Monotone
ThamirThamer, ThaamirFruitful, Productive
TawbahTawba, TowbaRepentance
TawqirTawkir, TawkireEsteem, Honor
TaymullahTaymoollah, TaymoollaServant of God
TazimTazeem, TazeimRespect, Honor
ThawabThawaab, ThawaapReward
TayyibTayeb, TaiebGood, Pure
TharwatTharwet, TharuatWealth, Power
TuhamiTuhamy, TooehamiMy Desire
TijaniTijaani, TejaaniCrowned
TarifTareef, TaarifUnique, Uncommon
TufaylToofayl, TofailSmall Drum
TufanToofan, TufaanStorm
TaymTayem, TaeymServant
TarekTareek, TariqOne who Travels at Night
TuraabTuraap, TourabDust
TaqiyTaqi, TaqeeGod Fearing
TaymurTaimur, TaymoorIron
TawilTaawil, TawelTall
TawusTaawus, TawoosePeacock
TalutTaalut, TalootLeader
TazirTazeer, TazeirPunishment
TijaraTeejara, TejaraTrade
TazhibTazheeb, TazheibBeautification
TaqdeerTaqdeir, TaqdirDestiny
ThulfaThulfah, ThoolfaEase, Comfort
TihamiTehami, TihaamiFrom the Tihamah Region
TaqiuddinTaqiyuddin, TaqeyeddinFearing God
TaqaddamTaqadem, TaqqaddamProgress
TibyanTibyaan, TibyeenExplanation
TawilTaweel, TawylTall
TaymTaim, TayymServant
TalahTaalah, TalaahYoung Palm Tree
TaqiTaqee, TaqieFearing God
TawaduTawadou, TawadooHumility
TaseerTaseir, TasierImpact, Effect
TashilTashiel, TashylEase, Facilitation
TawakulTawakol, TawkulTrust in God
TaharaTaharah, TaharahPurity, Cleanliness

And there you have it! A tour through 50 Arabic baby boy names starting with T to help you find that perfect name for your little one. We hope you enjoyed this journey and found a name that speaks to your heart. Remember, we have more exciting baby name lists to explore. Keep up the spirit, and happy naming!

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