Choose the Perfect Name: 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with I

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Hey there, soon-to-be mama! Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting part of the journey. If you’re drawn to the elegance and deep-rooted culture of Arabic names, we’ve curated 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with I just for you!

Notable People With Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with I

From the world of music and art to sports and politics, Arabic names are carried by influential figures. Think of Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American to serve in the U.S. Congress, or the globally renowned Arabic singer, Isham. Even, Idrees Deby, the President of Chad, proudly carries a name starting with ‘I’. Truly, these names are not only unique, they also bear a mark of distinction.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. IbrahimEbrahim, IbraheemFather of Nations
2. IsmailIsmael, IshmaelGod will hear
3. IdrisIdreesStudious, knowledgeable
4. IskanderIskandar, EskanderArabic version of Alexander
5. ImranImraan, EmraanProsperity or long-lived
6. IlyasElias, ElyasGod is Lord
7. IzharIzhaar, IzaarManifestation
8. IqbalEqbal, IqbaalProsperity
9. IkramIcram, IkraamHonor, hospitality
10. IrfanIrfane, ErfanKnowledge, awareness
11. IhsanIhsaan, EhsanCharity, compassion
12. IftikharIftekhar, EftikarHonor, glory
13. IlhamIlhaam, IlhameRevelation
14. IhabIehab, IhabeGift
15. IzzatIzat, IzzetHonor, prestige
16. ImadImad, ImadeSupport, pillar
17. IsraIsraa, IsrahNight Journey
18. IzzIzz, IzMight, power
19. IhtishamIhtishaam, IhtishemModesty, decency
20. IkhtiyarIhtiyar, IkhteyarChosen, favorite
21. InayatInayet, InayaatKindness, grace
22. IqraamIqraam, IqramTo be of assistance, respect
23. IbhaanIbhan, IbhananBeaming, bright
24. IgnasIgnash, IgnasheFiery
25. IjlalIjlaal, IjlalRespect, honor
26. IrfaanErfan, IrfanGratefulness
27. IrtizaIrtisa, IrtzaSatisfaction, contentment
28. IdreesIdrees, EdreesA Prophet’s name
29. IshaaqIsaac, IshaakLaughter
30. IbaadIbad, EbaadWorshipers
31. IfraIfrah, IfraahHappiness
32. IshraqIshraaq, IshrakRadiance, brilliance
33. ImaadImaad, EmaadPillar of strength
34. IyaanIyaan, EyaanGift of God
35. ImtiyazImtiyaz, ImteyazPrivilege, distinction
36. Izz al DinIzz al Din, IzzeddinGlory of the religion
37. IntisarIntisaar, IntissarVictory, triumph
38. IshtiIshti, IshteeWish, desire
39. IzazIzaz, IzazElevation
40. IfanIfaan, EfaanTime
41. IlaafIlaaf, IllafSafety
42. IravatIravath, IravatRain clouds
43. IrayanIrayan, IrayaanEnlightened
44. IshanIshaan, EshanSun, divine sun
45. IqritIqreet, IqrytA man of early Islam
46. IdalIdaal, IdalA lot of quantity
47. IkhlaqIkhlaaq, IkhlakGood character, morality
48. ItharEthar, ItharrPreference of others before oneself
49. IzdiadIzdiyad, IzdyadIncrease, growth
50. IbtedaIbteda, IbtidaBeginning, start

We hope this list of 50 Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with I has given you plenty of inspiration. After all, choosing a baby’s name is as thrilling as it is significant. Thank you for letting us be a part of your exciting journey! Be sure to check out more baby name idea lists on our site to find the perfect name for your little one.

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